Questions about That 70's show

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Who are all the main teenage characters?
  • Donna, Eric, Hyde, Gina, Kelso, Jackie, Fez
  • Hyde, Kelso, Jackie, Erryn, Fez, Donna
  • Eric, Hyde, Kelso, Donna, Jackie, Fez
  • Kelso, Jackie, Midge, Eric, Hyde, Fez
  • Jackie, Hyde, Fez, Donna, Kelso, Eric, Rachel
  • 2
    Who got caught trying to take one of Red's tools to cut a street sign down for Hyde's birthday?"
  • Eric
  • Bob
  • Donna
  • Fez
  • Kelso
  • 3
    What was Eric laying down on when he had his first kiss with Donna?
  • The vista cruiser
  • His bed
  • The couch in her basement
  • The freezer in the basement
  • Her chair in the living room
  • 4
    Who was dating one of Eric's teacher and brought them to Eric's for thanksgiving?
  • Hyde
  • Jackie
  • Fez
  • Kelso
  • Bob
  • 5
    What did Donna want her and Eric to live in as their first place?
  • A 1 bedroom apartment
  • A tiny trailer
  • The basement
  • A house they would have to pay on for a LONG time
  • The basement of her dad's house
  • 6
    What did Red do with Hyde's rent money that he had been paying over the years?
  • Put it towards their move to Florida
  • Beer for him, liquor for Kitty
  • Eric's college fund
  • Opened up a savings account for Hyde
  • A family vacation they would take
  • 7
    Who started fighting at the Packers game because they were talking bad about their dad?
  • Donna
  • Eric
  • Hyde
  • Kelso
  • Jackie
  • 8
    What was the new muffler shop called that Red bought?
  • Red's radical resale
  • Used mufflers, amazing prices
  • Mufflers you can count on
  • Forman's Muffler shop
  • Forman and Son
  • 9
    How did Red pay for the muffler shop?
  • He's been making payments
  • Took out a loan
  • Used his trust funds
  • Used Eric's college fund
  • Borrowed money from his and Kitty's parents
  • 10
    Why did Jackie move to Chicago?
  • To get away and start over again
  • Got offered a job
  • Broke up with Hyde and never wanted to see him again
  • Her mom moved there so she wanted to reunite
  • Her dad moved there, and they wanted to reunite
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