All about Kelso

Point Place's very own village idiot
CREATED BYrapid430

Who does Kelso have a baby girl with?
  • Donna
  • Brooke
  • Jackie
  • Big Rhonda
  • Laurie
  • 2
    What is his daughter's name?
  • Betsy
  • Gloria
  • Helen
  • Sophie
  • Chloe
  • 3
    How does Kelso get his van?
  • He got a loan and bought it
  • He stole it and changed the license plates
  • His older brother gave it to him
  • He won it in a contest
  • He traded his bike in for it
  • 4
    Kelso dated Hyde's sister Angie
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    Who did Kelso fool around with when he was dating Jackie?
  • Donna
  • Laurie
  • Kitty
  • Midge
  • the punkrock girl Hyde was dating
  • 6
    Who did Kelso almost shoot with a BB gun?
  • Eric
  • Red
  • Hyde
  • Bob
  • Fez
  • 7
    What did Kelso steal from his boss while he was getting a haircut?
  • The police car
  • His wallet
  • His scanner
  • The police dog so he wouldn't smell his shirt
  • an extra uniform for when he is off duty
  • 8
    Who is Michael Kelso's character?
  • Topher Grace
  • Kurtwood Smith
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Wilmer Valderamma
  • Danny Masterson
  • 9
    ~How does Kelso feel is best to break up with Angie?
  • Gently break it to her
  • have Eric tell her he's dead
  • sleep with her best friend
  • stop talking to her altogether
  • tell her he has to move and he can't deal with long distant realationships
  • 10
    Which of the following was a quote said by Kelso?
  • "Jackie, I'm talking about our emotional clothes"
  • "You were going to finance it for a year of napping and boozing"
  • "But were not driving in together, that's just too weird"
  • "I'm looking for something Dean Martiny, but not Dean Martin"
  • "You're going to be a father and I'm going to be all alone!"
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