She's the Man!

One of the best movies of all time. Your everyday basic knowledge of Viola, Duke, Sebastian, Monique, Olivia, and Justin.
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Question 2 of 13
Who plays Duke Orsino ?
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Question 3 of 13
What is Viola's excuse for having tampons in her shoes ?
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Question 5 of 13
What color sweatshirt is "Sebastian" wearing at soccer tryouts ?
Question 7 of 13
Finish Viola's quote: "Sorry mom, I have a strict "No __________" policy"
Question 8 of 13
Malcolm's pet tarantula's name is Mallvis.
Question 9 of 13
Finish Duke's quote: "Why, why do you always talk about girls in such ________ terms ?"
Question 10 of 13
Finish Viola / Sebastian's quote: I skipped a couple grades. I'm ________. Shh.
Question 11 of 13
What kind of cheese does Sebastian say is his favorite ?
Question 13 of 13
What is the coach's name from the Cornwall school ?
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