Questions on She's The Man

You think you know everything about this movie ? I guess well have to find out....
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Question 1 of 11
What is the name of the main actor ?
Question 2 of 11
Sebastian, the brother, pretends to be his sister in order to play soccer.
Question 3 of 11
What does Viola's mom want her to be ?
Question 4 of 11
Who plays Viola in Shes the Man ?
Question 5 of 11
Who does Viola like throughout the movie ?
Question 6 of 11
The name of Viola's college was Cornvall
Question 7 of 11
What is the name of Viola's hairdresser ?
Question 8 of 11
Sebastian falls for Olivia
Question 9 of 11
Finish the sentence: Sorry mom, I have a strict no _____ policy!
Question 10 of 11
Who wins the game between Cornwall and Illeria ?
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