Simpsons- Finish the quote

You must finish the quotes fro the simspons.
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Luchlady Doris, have ye got any grease? Yes, yes we do.
  • Then what are ya waitin for woman?!
  • Then grease me up woman!
  • So grease me up then!
  • Why dont you grease me up then?!
  • 2
    So thats how with some minor adjustments you can one gun...
  • into a machine gun
  • into two guns
  • into five guns
  • into a bomb
  • 3
    Ill kidnap him for 50, deprogram hiim for 100, ad kill him for 500. (willie) No, no, just the first two. (Marge)
  • Alright, then ill throw in the killing the for free.
  • Aww no killing?
  • Ah in Scotland we always kill them anyway.
  • Ah woman, ya ddont know what your talking about.
  • 4
    The plant called and said if you dont ccome in tomorrow dont bother coming in Mondaay. (Marge)
  • Wuhoo, two days off!
  • Wuhoo, i dont need that job anyway.
  • Yesss,,,, excellent,,,thnk you god.
  • Wuhook four daay weekend!
  • 5
    Theres no such thing as scotchtober fest. (Principal skinner)
  • Theres not? Ya lied skinner, ya lied to me!
  • There is skinner, there is!
  • Theres not? Ya used mme skinner, ya used me!
  • Theres not? How could you skinner? Hoow coould you?!!
  • 6
    (Lionel hutz) Care to jooin in a drink of schotch? (Marge) Its 9.30 in the morning!
  • Ya but I been up all night
  • Ya but I dont sleep well.
  • Ya but I havent slept for days.
  • Ya but Im an alcohoic.
  • 7
    Dont chase me...(uter)
  • Im full of food!
  • Im full of sweets!
  • Im full of chocolate!
  • Im full of shnitzel!
  • 8
    Semor, the house is on fire!
  • No mother, its just your imagination.
  • No mother, its just the auroraborialis.
  • No mother, its just the northern lights.
  • No mother, its just my new alarm clock.
  • 9
    Im not principal of the line motherr (Skinner)
  • I know your your noot.
  • And you never will be.
  • And who's fault is that?
  • You dont need to tell me!
  • 10
    The students are over stimulated. Willie, remove all the ccoloured chalk fro the classs rrom. (skinner) I warnned ya. Didnt I warn ya... (Willie)
  • That coloured chalk would only ennd in trouble!
  • That coloured chalk was crafted by the devil himiself!
  • That coloured chalk was forged by luciifer himself.
  • That coloured chalk was forged by the enemies of scotland years ago!
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