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What is the price of a Krabby Patty every day except Wednesday?
  • $0.99
  • $2.50
  • $1
  • $4
  • 2
    F is for Frolick through all the flowers, U is for _____, N is for______
  • Ukelele/Anywhere at any time at all
  • U and me/Anywhere at any time at all
  • Uranium...bombs/Nose picking, cherry gum, and sand licking
  • U and me/Nose picking, cherry gum, and sand licking
  • Ukelele/Nose picking, cherry gum, and sand licking
  • Uranium...bombs/Anywhere at any time at all
  • Uranium...bombs/No survivors
  • 3
    What was the name of the band that Pearl was obsessed with?
  • 4Boyz
  • The Tentacles
  • Boys who cry
  • The shellfish
  • 4
    Name three supervillains in Spongebob.
  • nuclear oyster, scheming scallop, hull man
  • man ray, atomic flounder, scheming scallop
  • nuclear oyster, man ray, dirty bubble
  • man ray, atomic flounder, dirty bubble
  • 5
    What does barnacle boy want to be called when he turns into a super villain?
  • barnacle dude
  • barnacle man
  • mermaid boy
  • barnacle bender
  • hull man
  • 6
    What is Squidward's favorite tv show?
  • Clarinet Tips and Tricks
  • Dealing with Unruly Neighbors
  • Enjoying The Good Life with Squilliam Fancyson
  • House Fancy
  • Dance Weekly
  • 7
    What kind of bubble animal does Patrick call a giraffe?
  • Elephant
  • Hippo
  • Girafe
  • None of the above
  • 8
    Why does Spongebob think that he has to move back with his parents?
  • Nematoads
  • Patrick is terrible to share a bed with
  • His house was destroyed
  • Squidward kicks spongebob out of his house
  • All of the above
  • 9
    What does Mr. Krabs ask Spongebob to do when his daughter's birthday is coming up?
  • Asks him to get a rare gift
  • Aska him to follow her around at the mall
  • Asks him to sing at her party
  • Asks him to spend all of the money on his credit card
  • 10
    Mr. Krabs has a mustache on his driver's license
  • True
  • False
  • 11
    What does Mr. Krabs offer Squidward and Spongebob if they learn every customer's name
  • Pay raise
  • Vacation
  • A boat
  • A Cruise brochure
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