Friends T.V. Show Detailed Quiz

Friends quiz about all ten seasons of the show.

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In season one, the first episode, who is the first to speak?
  • Chandler
  • Phoebe
  • Monica
  • Ross
  • Joey
  • 2
    In chronological order, which characters do Rachel kiss throughout the series?
  • Barry, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler
  • Monica, Chandler, Paul, Joey, Ross, Mindy
  • Monica, Joey, Ross, Carol, Phoebe
  • Chandler, Melissa, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey
  • 3
    How many times does Rachel move?
  • 3
  • 5
  • 7
  • 4
  • 4
    Before Frank Buffay Jr. is introduced as Phoebe's brother, we see him in an earlier episode interacting with Phoebe. Which episode was it?
  • The One Where Heckles Dies
  • The One With The Baby on the Bus
  • The One With The Boobies
  • The One Where Rachel Finds Out
  • 5
    Each character has that one person that they go back to at least once. Monica had Richard, Ross had Rachel, Rachel had Ross, Phoebe had Mike, Chandler had Janice. Who did Joey have?
  • Kathy
  • Angela
  • Janine
  • Katie
  • 6
    Joey tries to help Rachel with the baby by finding a crib for the apartment. What was wrong with the crib?
  • A bar was missing
  • A wheel was broken
  • Something was inside it
  • Rachel didn't like the color
  • 7
    The apartment numbers on Monica/Rachel's door and Chandler/Joey's door changes. What numbers were they and what did they change to?
  • Started as 7/8 changed to 14/15
  • Started as 4/5 changed to 18/19
  • Started as 7/8 changed to 4/5
  • Started as 4/5 changed to 19/20
  • 8
    Monica and Rachel lose their apartment to Joey and Chandler when they lost a bet. How did they get their apartment back?
  • Season passes to Knicks games
  • Kissing each other
  • Flashing the guys
  • They didn't
  • 9
    Joey gets picked up by an agent based off of what acting gig?
  • Boxing Day
  • Freud!
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Pinocchio
  • 10
    In season three, it is mentioned that Chandler keeps something by his bed. What is it?
  • A cellphone
  • A cup of water
  • A sock
  • A pet rock
  • 11
    Friends ran for ten seasons. Each season had 23 to 25 episodes with one season having only 20. How many episodes were there all together?
  • 245
  • 222
  • 239
  • 236
  • 12
    Chandler dates Ginger who has a wooden leg. He gets over that, but she can't get over what about Chandler?
  • He has six fingers on one hand
  • He four toes on one foot
  • He has three nipples
  • He has a unibrow
  • 13
    Ross first falls in love with Rachel in the ninth grade. Since then, he sabotages or just breaks off his major (or long lasting) relationships for her, except one. Who?
  • Emily
  • Mona
  • Susan
  • Carol
  • 14
    "Scotch on the rocks... With a twist... On a coaster." Monica's drink. What is Rachel's father's drink?
  • Also a scotch on the rocks with a twist
  • Scotch on the rocks, but no twist
  • Scotch neat
  • Gin and tonic
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