Finish the lyrics to the chris brown song

i will start the line of a song and whoever is taking this quiz needs to finish the line correctly from the song
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she want that lovey-dovey, that kiss kiss that kiss kiss, in her mind she fantasize...
  • bout loving me
  • bout gettin wit me
  • bout knowin what i need
  • chuckin my deuces up
  • not a chris brown song
  • 2
    if we crawl til we walk again, then well run...
  • til we reach our destination
  • til we know were meant to be
  • til we havbe lots of fun
  • until were strong enough to jump
  • not a chris brown song
  • 3
    when we kissed i melted...
  • like a popsicle
  • til you could drink me
  • because i love your lips
  • knowing that you love me
  • not a chris brown song
  • 4
    imagine that the pillow that you cried on was my chest, and the tissue that...
  • you wiped your face with was my hand
  • you wiped your face with was my arm
  • wiped your tears with was my hand
  • wiped your tears with was my arm
  • not a chris brown song
  • 5
    lets bump and grind, gurl tonight will never end...
  • i dont want it to
  • let me take you down
  • i know we'll have some fun
  • i know it never will
  • not a chris brown song
  • 6
    cuz if i got you, i dont need money, i dont need...
  • anything but you
  • cars
  • anyone else
  • what they wanna give me
  • not a chris brown song
  • 7
    swag low i build you up, knees weak i'll stand you up...
  • when you fall i'll help you up
  • if you askin i'll give it up
  • never again will i doubt you
  • red lips red dress like em like a fire truck
  • not a chris brown song
  • 8
    i got give her game proper, spit it so she'll get it...
  • there she is i gotta stop her
  • look i gotta stop her
  • hey im tryna stop her
  • they wont let me stop her
  • not a chris brown song
  • 9
    lost in the moment, cant believe you're so beautiful...
  • its hard to know you're real
  • never again will i dount you
  • love is what i feel
  • feels like im in a dream
  • not a chris brown song
  • 10
    you'll regret the day when i find another girl...
  • who knowa just what i need, she knows just what i mean
  • and i fall deep inlove
  • that never complains and knows just what i want
  • that knows just how i feel when i wanna be that way
  • not a chris brown song
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