Kids in love

All the characters' romantic drama
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Throughout the series, who does Jackie NOT date?
  • Fez
  • Eric
  • Kelso
  • Hyde
  • Chip
  • 2
    What is the name of the guy Donna dates after she and Eric break up?
  • Eric Forman
  • Steven Hyde
  • Casey Kelso
  • Michael Kelso
  • 3
    What is the name of the psycho Fez dates?
  • Nina
  • Donna
  • Jackie
  • Caroline
  • Patty
  • 4
    Who does Kelso have a baby with?
  • Brooke
  • Jackie
  • Pam Macy
  • Donna
  • Laurie
  • 5
    Who does Eric let drive his dad's Corvette?
  • Donna Pinciotti
  • Leslie Cannon
  • Jackie Burkhart
  • Pam Burkhart
  • Midge Pinciotti
  • 6
    What is the name of the girl Hyde almost runs off the New York with?
  • Pam Macy
  • Jackie
  • Donna
  • Alison
  • Chrissy
  • 7
    How does Fez steal away Danielle, a girl Kelso was dating?
  • He sleeps with her
  • He listens to her
  • He braids her hair and buys her a new outfit
  • He blackmails her
  • 8
    Why did Kelso and Jackie decide to lose their virginity?
  • Kelso was arrested
  • Kelso proposed to her
  • Jackie got on birth control
  • Jackie was moving away
  • To make Hyde jealous
  • 9
    Why is Donna not mad at Eric when he forgets to pick her up for the Snow Prom?
  • Because he brings her dinner
  • Because he kisses her silly
  • Because he proposes
  • Because he yells at her and tells her to shut it
  • Because they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend anymore
  • 10
    Who does Bob NOT date?
  • Pam Burkhart, Jackie's mom
  • Midge Pinciotto, Donna's mom
  • Kitty Forman, Eric's mom
  • Joanne Stupek, no one's mom
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