is spongebob a land animal!?

sponge bob's kind
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bring a picture of spongebob while being tested by this Quiz
is sponge a vertibrate?
  • no, he is an invertibrate
  • i dont know, they have not demasioned it!!!
  • yes he is!
  • 2
    how does sponge bob look like?
  • squiure, and yellow
  • squire, and red
  • rectangle and yellow
  • 3
    can sponge bob scratch?
  • yes he could he doesn't have a bone
  • No he is a vertibrate
  • i dont know he never srcathed before!!!
  • 4
    which of these names are spongebob's friends?
  • patrick
  • sandy, patrick, squadward, mr.kraby, and gary
  • sandy, patrick, squadward, his spatula, mr.kraby, and gary
  • he doesn't have
  • sandy, patrick, crabburger, squadward, his spatula, mr.kraby, and gary
  • 5
    is sponge bob noisy?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 6
    squad ward loves spongebob!!!!!!!
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    is sponge bob aland animal?!
  • no, he lives in the sky!
  • no, he is a sea animal
  • yes
  • 8
    who are spongebob's enemies?
  • planktom and patrick
  • sand and burger
  • the flying holandian ghost and sandy
  • planktom and the flying holandian ghost
  • 9
    what does sponge work
  • a singer
  • a poor woodcutteter
  • a chief
  • 10
    what does spongebob have to breathe?
  • lungs
  • gills
  • lungs and gills
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