Can You Marry A Jonas Brother?????

Do you think that you know the Jonas Brothers so well that you could marry one of them????

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What was the first song that Kevin learned to play on the guitar
  • Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy
  • All You Need is love-The Beatles
  • 3:5-John Mayer
  • Say What You Need To Say- John Mayer
  • Sugar, We're Going Down-Fall Out Boy
  • 2
    What type of animal or mythical creature would Nick like to have for the rest of his life?
  • Wolf
  • fox
  • tiger
  • dragon
  • cyclops
  • dog
  • ferret
  • parrot
  • 3
    If Joe was a superhero what would his super power be?
  • Shoot ninja stars out of his finger tips
  • fly
  • read minds
  • x-ray vision
  • all of superman's powers
  • 4
    What do the guys miss most about New Jersy?
  • The Views
  • Rita's Ice Cream
  • their schools
  • 5
    What are the guy's favorite cereal?
  • Mini wheats, captain crunch, lucky charms
  • Mini Wheats,Frosted Flakes,Corn Pops
  • Rasin Brand.Cinnanom Toast Crunch,Special K
  • 6
    If you had to eat one type of food for a whole year, what would it be?
  • My grandma‚Äôs home made pizza
  • cookies
  • pie
  • chicken subs
  • cheese
  • Rita's ice cream
  • 7
    If Joe had a choice of naming yourselves, when you were first born, what names would you give yourselves? (First and middle name)
  • James Bond
  • The President
  • I.C Spots
  • Jordan
  • Chris
  • Nathan
  • 8
    Waht is Frankie's Nickname?
  • Bonus Jonas
  • Frankolisous
  • Ty
  • Eddie
  • 9
    What's Nick's Favorite Baseball Team?
  • New York Yankees
  • Boston Red Sox
  • White Sox
  • 10
    Who did Kevin Play in Camp Rock?
  • Jason
  • Nate
  • Nathan
  • Shane
  • Joe
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