How well do you know Eclipse.

A quite difficult quiz on the third book in the twilight series.

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Don't play the quiz if you haven't read the book.
Where has the the "gang activity" been going on?
  • Seattle
  • Phoneix
  • Forks
  • Olympia
  • 2
    Bella wants to become a vampire.
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    What does Bella have to do to make Edward change her into a vampire?
  • She has to leave Forks
  • She has to marry him
  • She has to kill Jacob
  • She has to tell Charlie she is a vampire
  • 4
    Who wants to kill Bella?
  • James
  • Victoria
  • Emmett
  • Jacob
  • 5
    What does Edward put on Bella's charm braclet next to the wolf.
  • A heart shaped diamond
  • A star shaped diamond
  • A flower shaped diamond
  • A circular shaped diamond
  • 6
    Who was staying with Edward and Bella during the fight.
  • Jacob
  • Seth
  • Sam
  • Quil
  • Embry
  • 7
    When must the wedding be before.
  • June the thirteenth
  • July the thirteenth
  • August the thirteenth
  • September the thirteenth
  • 8
    Put these people in order of being turned into vampires(oldest to newest)
    • Emmett
    • Carlisle
    • Edward
    • Rosalie
    • Alice
    • Esme
    • Jasper

    Use your mouse to drag and drop the answers above into the correct order

    Bella is in love with Jacob AND Edward.
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    What colour do vampires eyes go when they are thirsty
  • sacrlet
  • black
  • orange
  • brown
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong