the questions from the June issue from PopStar! magazine.
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Nick was inspired to play the gutiar after watching what band?
  • Fall Out Boy
  • My Chemical Romance
  • The Beatles
  • 2
    What's the one thing Kevin hates the most and says he's "allergic" to?
  • Bees
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • 3
    What did Joe want to be when he was younger?
  • An architect
  • A lawyer
  • A stand-up comedian
  • 4
    how long did Nick say it took him to write "S.O.S?"
  • Three days
  • 10 minutes
  • An hour
  • 5
    What candy commercial were the Jonas Brothers in?
  • Baby Bottle Pop
  • Snickers
  • Mentos
  • 6
    At what event did Nick J announce he had diabetes?
  • Their album-release party
  • The Disney Channel Games
  • Carnival for a Cure
  • 7
    What nickname did the guys give their tour bus?
  • Bessie
  • Bertha
  • Betty
  • 8
    What was the first song the Jonas Brothers ever wrote together?
  • Year 3000
  • Please Be Mine
  • S.O.S
  • 9
    In what city and state was Nick born.
  • Dallas, TX
  • Wyckoff, NJ
  • Los Angles, CA
  • 10
    In what city and state was Joe born?
  • Wyckoff, NJ
  • Orlando, FL
  • Casa Grande, AZ
  • 11
    In what city and state was Kevin born?
  • Teaneck, NJ
  • Wyckoff, NJ
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 12
    What two songs are featured on both the boy's first - It's About Time - and on Nick's unreleased solo album?
  • Year 3000 and Time For Me To Fly
  • Time For Me To Fly and Please Be Mine
  • When You Look Me In The Eyes and Year 3000
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