Full House Loverz

A quiz of average difficulty on the classic sitcom, Full House.
CREATED BYrapid430

What happened at DJ's prom that made her and Steve fight?
  • He said he was breaking up with her
  • She saw him kissing another girl
  • He left the prom with some friends leaving DJ behind
  • He left her downstairs to go the party upstairs
  • DJ started crying because she spilled punch on her dress
  • 2
    Why doesn't Jesse want to help DJ with her staying-in-school project?
  • he's much too busy with work
  • Danny wanted to help her instead
  • He wanted to change the name to "The importance of school"
  • He was gone in japan working on his career
  • He's a dropout and didn't want to tell anyone
  • 3
    What was Jesse's response after Becky told him she was ready to have the twins?
  • "No, get outta here"
  • "You're kidding me, right?"
  • "Are you sure Becky, maybe it's just indigestion again?"
  • "Is this a joke honey, because we've got a birthday party waiting for us downstairs?"
  • "It can't be, the nursery is not quite ready yet"
  • 4
    Why did Stephanie and DJ get punished by raking leaves all day?
  • punching a hole in Danny's wall with the closet rack
  • For not cleaning their room at the Tanner family standards
  • having a pillow fight and putting the coat rack through the window
  • allowing Comet to eat the dessert Danny had prepared
  • They both got a bad grade on their science tests
  • 5
    What did DJ use to see into Kimmy's house to watch the MTV music awards with her?
  • a telescope
  • binoculars
  • a video camera to zoom in
  • she didn't, she used stirophome cups just to hear it
  • 6
    What was the special surprise Jesse brought from Greece that nobody else liked?
  • His cousin Stavros
  • His uncle Nicholas
  • a boa constrictor, but he said it was tamed
  • a large salamander
  • an alligator for the backyard to keep in a pool
  • 7
    DJ really liked a boy she met at the fair named Bobby. He didn't talk to her again after he found out she doesn't like what?
  • motorcycles
  • swimming
  • cars
  • kiwi
  • boats
  • 8
    Why did Jesse take DJ home right away at the school dance?
  • He thought she was trying to sneak off with a boy
  • He caught her lying to him about her curfew
  • He smelled cigarrette smoke on her
  • He thought she was trying to steal a vehicle to go to an after party
  • He thought she was drinking
  • 9
    At the Tanner Christmas party, who were the 3 Santa Claus's?
  • Joey, Danny, Jesse
  • Vicky, Steve, Joey
  • DJ, Becky, Vicky
  • Kimmy, Steve, Stephanie
  • Danny, Joey, Steve
  • 10
    Who did Jesse and Michelle bring home with them to spend Christmas with their family?
  • Comet's mother Minnie
  • the guy from the toy store
  • someone who's car broke down
  • a widowed mother with her son that they saw shopping at the toy store
  • the man who they saw crying because he didn't raise enough money for his granddaughter
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong