Classic Full House Trivia

Fans can test their knowledge by answering these Full House questions.
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When DJ was having her birthday party in the living room, how did Danny, Joey, and Jesse know she was playing spin the bottle?
  • They were suspicious when she brought a ketchup bottle with her
  • They were listening from upstairs
  • Kimmy told them but said not to say anything
  • They heard Michelle ask what they were playing
  • Becky told them to get them in trouble
  • 2
    What was the prank DJ thought of to do to the principal at school?
  • Start a food fight
  • Unplug all the computers to lose their files
  • Get a bunch of hamsters and set them loose in the lunchroom
  • Pull the fire alarm
  • Put the principal's car on the roof
  • 3
    Who was heartbroken after she found out her wedding was fake?
  • Michelle
  • Becky
  • DJ
  • Kimmy
  • Gia
  • 4
    Who told the family they were flying to Hollywood to get the peanuts they give out on the planes?
  • Danny
  • Jesse
  • Joey
  • Becky
  • Steve
  • 5
    Why is Jesse so careful about picking out names for his twins?
  • He wants them to grow up and be proud of their names
  • His name was embarrassing and begged his mom to change it
  • Becky says he gets to pick both names and they better be perfect
  • He wants them right because he won't be able to change them
  • 6
    What did Stephanie do with the tap shoes she gave to Michelle?
  • Gave them to Gia and said she never wants to see them again
  • Walked to the dumpster and threw them in there
  • Buried them in a plastic bag
  • Gave her to the little neighbor girl and told her to keep them and enjoy
  • Took them to the local store and asked if they could sell them
  • 7
    Who was starving herself for 3 days straight because she wanted to look good in a bikini?
  • DJ
  • Becky
  • Kimmy
  • Gia
  • Stephanie
  • 8
    Who had a blast from the past by dating a 21 year old and sneaking into a concert?
  • Jesse
  • Joey
  • Steve
  • Danny
  • Kimmy's dad
  • 9
    Who was trying to be bad to the bone by dressing like a biker in front of Danny's new girlfriend (Gia's mom)?
  • DJ
  • Stephanie
  • Michelle
  • Becky
  • Kimmy
  • 10
    When Viper was trying to make up with DJ, he got her a shirt that said what?
  • "I'm with stupid"
  • "My boyfriend is a dum-dum"
  • "My boyfriend is a disgrace to all of mankind"
  • "He's a dumb (pic of donkey)"
  • 11
    What did the guys do after they gave Michelle a new fish to make sure she would never be sad about it dying?
  • Put it in a new clean tank when she went to sleep each night
  • Planned to get a fake fish to last until they could get another one
  • Kept it in a net so she couldn't grab it
  • Stocked up on fish in the cabinets
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