Which epsisodes which?

Match the name of episode with what happens and vice versa.
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What is the name of the episode where Spongebob visits other peoples dreams?
  • Time to sleep
  • Sleepy Time
  • Dreams
  • Goodnight
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    What happens in the episode MuscleBob BuffPants?
  • Spongebob rips his pants!
  • Spongebob meets Sandy for the first time!
  • Spongebob thinks the Stangler is going to be his bodyguard!
  • Spongebob fools everyone when he buys inflatable arms!
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    Is there an episode called ST-129?
  • True
  • False
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    Who sings the song F.U.N in a bad way?
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    What is the name of the ONLY episode where no one speaks!
  • Reefblower!
  • jellyfishing!
  • Pickles!
  • Squeaky Boots!
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    Who tells Spongebob that he can't do karate anymore!
  • Sandy!
  • Mr.Krabs!
  • Pearl!
  • Patrick!
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    In the episode Employee of the Month Spongebob has been employee of the month for 26 months running?
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  • False
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    Where does Sandy come from?
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    What is the name of the episode where Spongebob and Patrick plays with the hooks?
  • Anchor!
  • Hooks!
  • Hooky!
  • Going Up!
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    What is the name of the illness that Spongebob gets which is also the nameof the episode?
  • The blues!
  • Suds!
  • Cold!
  • Aches!
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