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I Can't Stop Talking For Fear Of
  • Boredom
  • Listening To You
  • Listening To Unwelcome Sound
  • Being Left Alone In The Silence
  • 2
    You Fell Down The Stairs Into My Arms
  • And Everything Went Dark
  • And I Held You Close To Me
  • And I Knew It Would All Be Okay
  • And Swiftly Ran The Other Way
  • 3
    Love Of Mine
  • Never Leave Me
  • Our Time Has Come
  • Someday You Will Die
  • Be My Bride
  • 4
    I Don't Know Where To Start
  • Say I'm Tired Or Throw A Party
  • Now I'm Without You
  • Everything Seems Brand New
  • I've Never Felt So Alone
  • 5
    I Guess It All Worked Out
  • You're With Her And I'm On My Own
  • There's A Ring On Your Finger
  • We Were Never Meant To Be
  • We're Together And The Baby's Due Out
  • 6
    Tell Me Am I Right To Think That
  • You Were With Him All Along
  • This Is An Idealistic Future
  • Everything Will Be Alright
  • There Could Be Nothing Better
  • 7
    You Sat Down Next To Me Like
  • Hand To Glove
  • Poetry To Wine
  • It Was Meant To Be
  • You Had No Time
  • 8
    Hide And Seek
  • Are You Ready
  • Trains And Sweing Machines
  • Dreams And Bitter Tears
  • It's All Over Baby
  • 9
    We Listened To It Twice
  • And It Moved Me So Deeply
  • As Quietly As Mice
  • And I Felt So Close To You
  • Cause The DJ Was Asleep
  • 10
    Under Your Skin Feels Like Home
  • Electric Shocks On Aching Bones
  • I Feel Ecstatic When We're This Close
  • And Nothing Matters But Us
  • Promise Me That You'll Never Go
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