Lyrics Part 2

Song lyrics from Avril Lavigne, Jordan Pruitt, Katharine McPhee and Hilary Duff

I Place the lyrics and You give me the song
Today I'm gonna run away, and feel the sun throughout my hair. Finally free to be who I wanna be, who that is, I don't really care, cause I have got friends who love me, blue skies are above me...
  • Friends
  • Our Lips Are Sealed
  • Just Like You
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • 2
    Got up at the wrong side of life today, yeah. Crash the car and I'm gonna be really late. My phone doesn't work cause it's out of range. Looks like it's just one of those kind of days...
  • Runaway
  • Happy Ending
  • I Can Do Better
  • The Worst Day Ever
  • 3
    Everyone can't you see we're together, as you walk on by. (And) And we fly just like birds of a feather. I won't tell no lie...
  • Keep Walking
  • We Are Family
  • Try
  • We're All In This Together
  • 4
    Today was the worst day I went through hell, I wish I could remove it from my mind. Two months away from you but I couldn't tell, I thought that everything was gonna be just fine...
  • Everything Back But You
  • A Simple Postcard
  • Away
  • Runaway
  • 5
    You held my hand, and walked me home, I know. You gave me a kiss it was something like this it made me go oh, oh. You wiped my tears got rid of all my fears, why did you have to go ?
  • Sweet Kisses
  • Don't Tell Me
  • You Left Me
  • Nobody's Home
  • 6
    I couldn't tell you why she felt that way she felt it everyday. And I couldn't help her, I just watched her make the same mistakes again...
  • Mistaking You
  • Nobody's Home
  • Trust
  • Open Heart
  • 7
    I didn't give a damn what you say to me. I don't really care what you think of me. Cause either way you're gonna think what you believe. There's nothing you can say that would hurt me...
  • Happy Ending
  • I Can Do Better
  • Nothing To Feel
  • Painless
  • 8
    You got caught up in all your stuff and didn't have time to think 'bout us. You tried to hide behind your lies. You have to face the consequence. I've lost my trust in you, baby now we're through...
  • Let's Face It
  • No Ordinary Girl
  • Over It
  • My Destiny
  • 9
    She's a walking casting call, a fashion runway doll. Her 4.0 comes naturally. She's good at everything, she's got a following an entourage of copy queens...
  • Over It
  • Miss Popularity
  • Outside Lookin In
  • No Ordinary Girl
  • 10
    I like staying up all night, I think it's my right sleeping till noon. I love watching scary movies. I could stay shopping all day, getting my way trying some shoes. Don't tell me what I should be doing...
  • Complainers
  • I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
  • Adults
  • Teenager
  • 11
    I never should have let my guard down, I wish I never knew all the things I found out, (I wish I could've been a little more careful). And maybe I won't be running from misery...
  • Danger
  • Over It
  • Dangerous
  • Hitting On Me
  • 12
    No more lonely nights to hurt me, No more tears left to spare. No more reasons to be unhappy, You threw them all up in there air. And I don't know how you did it, But you made me a believer...
  • You Make Me Smile
  • You Care
  • Dreams
  • Each Other
  • 13
    You need to come step up your game, And stand up on the world contemplating. Show me that you feel the words that I'm singing Put your hands on me just like a man...
  • Each Other
  • Happy Ending
  • Do What You Do
  • What We Have ?
  • 14
    I think it was the summertime, When I laid eyes on you. I didn't even know your name, Somehow we'd end up in the same room. It never crossed my mind, I never saw you like that...
  • Friendship
  • Love Story
  • Open Toes
  • Heaven
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