Quotes from Full House

Think you can finish the quote ? I'll give you a few lines, you have to give me the next line. Good luck!
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Jesse: Joey, this is a living thing. You can't just stick her in the pot....
  • Get the cutting board
  • Use the meat rack
  • Put it away and use the counter
  • Stephanie, what do we do ?
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    Michelle: But I was polite and I said "Please." Stephanie: I was polite, too. I said "No, you may not..."
  • How Rude! ?
  • You're in big trouble mister
  • Guess what ? Politeness week is over!
  • Well pin a rose on your nose
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    Finish this sentence: "Come on everybody, breakfast is ready..."
  • We're having eggs
  • We're having waffles
  • We're having pancakes
  • We're having pancuts
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    In the episode, "Those Better Not Be the Days, " older Jesse forgets his signature catch phrase. What does he say instead of "Have Mercy ?"
  • Have Pity
  • Have a cow
  • Have some milk
  • Have my heart
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    In the episode, "The Trouble with Danny, " after Kimmy says "You can't get this house any cleaner. You've already got the cleanest house on the block, " what is Jesse's response ?
  • Have Mercy
  • Do we really ?
  • You know, for once, Gibbler's actually making some sense.
  • So then why are we still cleaning ?
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    Stephanie: Are you going to cook Michelle ? Joey: No, we're changing her diaper. What's the next line ?
  • Well pin a rose on your nose
  • Oh, so how do you roast a turkey ?
  • Do you need a wet nap ?
  • Eww, gross!
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    In the episode, "The Trouble with Danny, " what does Joey call Danny when the gang is fed up with cleaning ?
  • A neat freak
  • Mr. Clean
  • Mop N Glo
  • A psycho with a dustmop
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    In the episode, "Cutting It Close, " when Danny is telling Jesse that Stephanie thinks it's her fault that he got hurt, what does Jesse say to Danny ?
  • It's not ALL her fault
  • Tell the little rugrat she's wacko
  • Unless she was driving my bike, this is not her fault
  • It wasn't her fault
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    DJ: There's a car in the kitchen! Michelle: I just said that. DJ: Do you know how it got here ? Michelle: Yes I do. DJ: How ? What's the next line ?
  • Stephanie drove it
  • I'm kidding. I don't know how it got here.
  • Through the window
  • Comet did it
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    Joey does impressions of several cartoon characters. Which is NOT a character he did an impression of ?
  • Tigger
  • Popeye
  • Bullwinkle
  • Daffy Duck
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