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I'll give you a quote or describe a scene and you have to guess which episode it is from.
"What's the matter ? You've never seen a grown man eat cereal before ?"
  • I'm There for You, Babe
  • It's Not My Job
  • Cutting It Close
  • Working Mothers
  • 2
    "Oh, so how do you roast a turkey ?"
  • Our Very First Night
  • Our Very First Show
  • But Seriously, Folks
  • Knock Yourself Out
  • 3
    "I've learned that I'm going to nicer to Kimmy Gibbler."
  • Honey, I Broke the House
  • Our Very First Telethon
  • Aftershocks
  • Those Better Not Be the Days
  • 4
    "This is no fun, no fun, looking at the wall."
  • Good News, Bad News
  • Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor
  • A Pinch for a Pinch
  • Terror in Tanner Town
  • 5
    "Am I the raddest, baddest dad a kid ever had ?"
  • Crushed
  • Bachelor of the Month
  • The Trouble with Danny
  • Girls Will Be Boys
  • 6
    The scene: Michelle sitting on her bed holding a bunny. She's not very happy.
  • The Wedding Part 1
  • Fuller House
  • Joey Goes to Hollywood
  • Rock the Cradle
  • 7
    The scene: Michelle and her best friend Teddy sitting in a booth eating chocolate cake.
  • Gotta Dance
  • Nicky and / or Alexander
  • Bachelor of the Month
  • Too Much Monkey Business
  • 8
    The scene: A gas station. Jesse, Stephanie and Michelle are locked inside.
  • Aftershocks
  • No More Mr. Dumb Guy
  • Just Say No Way
  • The Greatest Birthday on Earth
  • 9
    The scene: Michelle is laying on Jesse's bed. Jesse is singing her a song.
  • Goodbye, Mr. Bear
  • Baby Love
  • Working Mothers
  • It's Not My Job
  • 10
    The scene: Jesse, Joey, and Stephanie hanging out in Joey's room. They are singing a song.
  • A Pox in Our House
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Joey's Place
  • But Seriously, Folks
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