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Listen if you wanna put this thing behind ya you gotta get back on the horse Just like Uncle Earl Uncle Earl forgot the words the the National Anthem No Uncle Earl fell off a horse Took 4 of us to get that fat old coot back up
  • Lilly, Robbie
  • Jackson, Robbie
  • Robbie, Miley
  • Robbie, Oliver
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    Well isn't that interesting You have your opinion and he has his You gotta love a guy who isn't afraid to say how he feels I'm a little afraid to say anything right now
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    Did Lilly ever say A couple 1 What the hecky is a herky And 2 If one of these is a pompom Do 2 of them make pompom pompoms These are the questions that haunt me
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    "I spend the whole day yesterday trying to make Josh like Hannah Montana." "So how'd it go ?" "It went great! He loves Hannah Montana and we're getting married!.. How do you think it went you doughnut ?!"
  • Miley, Oliver
  • Jackson, Miley
  • Lilly, Miley
  • Lilly, Oliver
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    "Hi! The kid from the moon roof! Look at you all upside right!"
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    I just don't wanna get laughed at again Wow That's exactly how Oliver feels And you bailed on him Ironic isn't it Just stop your flappin and eat your flap jacks
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    "Miley's dad's here!" "Great!" "He doesn't know we're here. And we're gonna try to keep it that way!" "I don't think we're off to a good start!"
  • Jackson, Miley, Lilly
  • Jackson, Oliver, Lilly
  • Lilly, Oliver
  • Miley, Oliver, Lilly
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    "And that time I hid in your bass drum and rode on your bus all the way to Phoenix ?"
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    Did Jackson ever say "Hello, I am the Jacksonater. These will not be back"
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    I miss you, I miss your smile, and I still shed a tear every once in a while, and even though we're different now, you're still here somehow, my heart will let you go and I need you to know. I miss you, shalalala, I miss you."
  • Jackson
  • Miley
  • Lilly
  • Oliver
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