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Who said "If one of these is a pompom, do two of them make pompom-pompoms ? These are the questions that haunt me." ?
  • Miley / Hannah
  • Lilly
  • Oliver
  • Amber
  • 2
    Who were going back and forth in this convo: "Where's Miley ?" "Don't know, " "Do you know when she'll be back ?" "Don't care, " "Can you tell her I came by ?" "Don't count on it!" ?
  • Robbie and Oliver
  • Oliver and Jackson
  • Lilly and Oliver
  • Lilly and Jackson
  • 3
    Who sang "Everyone try a chicken wing, " ?
  • Miley
  • Lilly
  • Oliver
  • Jackson
  • 4
    "Oh, man you love me!" "Eww, no!"---- "I mean I do love you, but like a brother or a pet fish. I'd cry if I had to flush you down the toilet but I don't wanna kiss you!" ?
  • Jackson, Miley, Lilly
  • Josh, Lilly, Miley
  • Oliver, Miley, Lilly
  • None of the above
  • 5
    Who said "Hi! The kid from the moon room! Look at you all up-side right! Where are my manners ? Site down sweetie! Join the party!" ?
  • Robbie
  • Oliver
  • Hannah / Miley
  • Lilly
  • 6
    Did Oliver ever say "And the time I hid in your bass drum and rode on your tour bus all the way to New York City ?"
  • Yes
  • No
  • 7
    This is one of the many conversations, but who's talking in it ? "How long do you think that's gonna last ?" "It's got a watch battery, " "It could last forever, " "OOOYY!"
  • Lilly, Miley, Oliver
  • Roxie, Cooper, Robbie
  • Lilly, Jackson, Robbie, Cooper
  • 8
    "Hey Oliver, see that girl Pamela over there ? She thinks you're cute, " "Can't say that I disagree. Too bad I"M already cruisin down the Hannah Highway! RRRRHH! RRRRRRHHH!"
  • True
  • False
  • 9
    Who said "I am not!"----"No we don't!"----"You're not, because I'm not! Whoo!" ?
  • Jackson and Lilly
  • Miley and Jackson
  • Oliver and Jackson
  • Lilly and Oliver
  • 10
    Did Jackson ever say "Let's just say Lilly made a trip to Dorkflats, Iowa. Population: her, "
  • Yes
  • No
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