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You'll be given a portion of a lyric from the movie and you need to select the answer that compleated the lyric.
Thought I was alone with...
  • No one to hold
  • You right beside me
  • This feeling
  • Someone like no other
  • 2
    Alright If Troy wants to be a ______ then I'm comin' clean I play the _____
  • Cello, singer
  • Singer, Cello
  • Basketball captain, flute
  • Singer, bag pipe
  • 3
    This could be the start of somethin' new. It feels so right to be....
  • In your eyes
  • In my heart
  • Back with you
  • Here with you
  • 4
    Coach said to ____ right and ____ left, watchin' for the ____, keep your eye on the ____...
  • Shoot the, fake, defence, ball
  • Fake, break, pick, defence
  • Jump, trot, girls, clock
  • Punch, kick, hit, prize
  • 5
    Can you feel it____, like a ____ the ____ just can't ___...
  • Singing, way, crowd, control
  • Connecting, soul, body, hold back
  • Building, wave, ocean, control
  • Thumping, pump, heart, run through
  • 6
    Yeah we're gonna bop, bop, bop, bop to the___ wipe away your___________ stomp, stomp, stomp, do the____ and_____ your_____
  • Top, inhabitions, rump, strut, stuff
  • Stop, dusty background, jump, shake, butt
  • Rhythm sweating forehead pop kick foes
  • 7
    Here and now it's time for ___________, We make each other ______, We're gonna ____ the _____ yeah-eh-yeah, We were right because we ____ together
  • Limitations, belong, scream, shout, jumped
  • Celebration, strong, rock, house, stepped
  • Consintration, think, shake, brains, thought
  • 8
    You never know what you're gonna ____, That I would ever end up ____ tonight, Yeah we got a ____ thing goin on, _____ here is right where we ______
  • Hit, there, bad, back, go strong
  • Know, home, dumb, not, don't go
  • Feel, here, good, right, belong
  • 9
    It's hard to believe that I couldn't ___ that you were right ______ me
  • Here, there next to
  • Believe, next to
  • See, beside
  • 10
    There are 9 unique songs in the whole movie ?
  • True
  • False
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong