star wars revenge of the sith quiz

a revenge of the sith quiz that goes from first chapter to last and may the force be with you
CREATED BYPerry Audess

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did yoda and obi-wan appear in ruin of the jedi?
  • True
  • False
  • 2
    who killed count dooku
  • Obi-wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Chancellor Palpatine
  • Padme Amidala
  • 3
    what do you call the guards of grievous
  • lighted-generals
  • lightnings
  • magna-guards
  • magna-lord
  • 4
    did yoda went to kashyyyk
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    who are the people that order 66 killed
  • ki-adi mundi, kit fisto, adi galia, oppo rancsis
  • mace windu
  • yoda, kit fisto
  • ki-adi mundi, aalya secura, plo koon, stass allie
  • 6
    did grievous kill obi-wan?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 7
    what do you call the first chapter of this episode
  • battle over naboo
  • war in tatooine
  • battle over coruscant
  • war in kamino
  • 8
    did obi-wan battled anakin in Kamino
  • Yes
  • No
  • 9
    Which planet does not appear in the revenge of the sith
  • Mutsafar
  • Kashyyyk
  • Geonosis
  • Coruscant
  • 10
    did padme die
  • True
  • False
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