Bones and Booth <3

Things you should learn about the 2 main charaters Booth and Bones. (medium)
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Question 1 of 23
Is Bones name Temperance Brennan?
Question 3 of 23
What was her real name before it was changed?
Question 5 of 23
Is her mother alive?
Question 6 of 23
Is her father alive?
Question 8 of 23
Is Booth's real name Jared Booth
Question 9 of 23
What is his real name?
Question 11 of 23
Is his father alive?
Question 12 of 23
Is his mother alive?
Question 15 of 23
What did he have a addiction to?
Question 16 of 23
Do Booth and Bones work together?
Question 17 of 23
How long have they been working together? 2012 season 7 start
Question 18 of 23
Are Booth and Brennan in love and who says "I love you first" (may not say "I love you" but close to it)
Question 19 of 23
What is the time that always turns up on the clock when ever they are in bed together?
Question 20 of 23
Are Booth and Bones having a baby?
Question 21 of 23
Does Booth have any other children and what are their names?
Question 22 of 23
Does Bones have any other children and what are their names?
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