Minnie Mouse

What do you know about the beloved Minnie Mouse?
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Question 1 of 12
The early Minnie had a hat with what on?
Question 2 of 12
Were Mickey and Minnie ever married?
Question 3 of 12
What is the name of her father?
Question 4 of 12
What is her sister's name?
Question 5 of 12
Minnie is the ____ most requested character at Disney theme parks?
Question 7 of 12
What is the name of Minnie's cat?
Question 8 of 12
Did Walt Disney himself ever do Minnie's voice?
Question 9 of 12
What year was declared Minnie's year?
Question 10 of 12
Who is Mickey's rival who is in love with Minnie?
Question 11 of 12
Is Minnie's bow bigger than her head?
Question 12 of 12
What colour is Minnie's bow usually?
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