Private Practice

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Question 1 of 12
Private Practice is a spin off from Grey's Anatomy
Question 2 of 12
Who plays the character Dr. Sam Bennett
Question 3 of 12
What sitcom was Tim Daly (Dr. Pete Wilder) on
Question 4 of 12
What has Dell been bringing to Naomi to make her feel better
Question 5 of 12
What specialty does Dr. Cooper Freedman practice?
Question 6 of 12
What TV show did Amy Brenneman (Dr. Violet Turner) play on
Question 7 of 12
Why are the business partners upset that Addison joined the practice
Question 8 of 12
In episode 3, a little girl comes to the practice blue in color. Why?
Question 9 of 12
Pete is a widow
Question 10 of 12
Addison is in love with Sam
Question 11 of 12
What is the order of the first 4 episodes
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Question 12 of 12
What city is Private Practice set in
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