TV families address?

Do you remember the address to your faviorate TV familys.

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What blue collar family lives at 714 Delaware?
  • The Foxworthy’s (The Jeff Foxworthy Show)
  • The Connor's (Roseanne)
  • The Bundy's (Married with Children)
  • none of the above
  • 2
    What Powerful family lives at 1164 Morning Glory Circle?
  • The Spellman's (Sabrina the teenage witch)
  • The Power Rangers
  • Jeannie and Major Healy (I Dream of Jeanie)
  • The Stevens (Bewitched)
  • 3
    1313 Mockingbird lane is home to what odd family?
  • The Munster's (The Munster's)
  • Felix and Oscar (The Odd couple)
  • The Addam's (The Addams family)
  • The Bundy's (Married with Children)
  • 4
    What New York Couple lives at 625 East 68th Street ?
  • The Buckmans (Mad about you)
  • The Kramden (The Honeymooners)
  • The Ricardo's (I Love Lucy)
  • Felix and Oscar (The Odd couple)
  • 5
    698 Sycamore road is home to what musical family?
  • The Partridge's (The Partridge Family)
  • Donny and Marie (The Donny and Marie Show)
  • The Griffin's (The family Guy)
  • The Brady’s (The Brady Bunch)
  • 6
    What ideal American Family lived at 485 Grant Ave before moving to 211 Pine?
  • The Dougla's (My Three Sons)
  • The Pryor's (American Dreams)
  • The Cleavers (Leav it to beaver)
  • The huxtable's (The Cosby Show)
  • 7
    What family of 5 lives at 15 Robin Hood Lane?
  • The Seaver's (Growin Pains)
  • The Finnerty's (Grounded for Life)
  • The Conner's (Roseanne)
  • The Simpson's (The Simpson's)
  • 8
    This Creepy Family lives at 001 Cemetery Lane?
  • The Munster's (The Munster's)
  • The Addams (The Addams family)
  • The Stevens (Bewitched)
  • None of the above
  • 9
    742 Evergreen Terrace is home to what cartoon family?
  • The Pickles (Rugrats)
  • The Griffin's (The family Guy)
  • The Flintstone's (The Flintstone's)
  • The Simpson's (The Simpson's)
  • 10
    What roommates live at 495 Grove street apartment 20?
  • Felix and Oscar (The Odd couple)
  • Pete and Berb (Two Guys and a Girl)
  • Lavern and Shirley (Lavern and Shirley)
  • Joey and Chandler (Friends)
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