Family Matters Quiz

A fun show about a wacky neighbor who bugs his neighbors
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Question 1 of 12
What was the shows family last name?
Question 2 of 12
What was the name of Rachel's restaurant?
Question 3 of 12
Rachel was Carls sister!
Question 4 of 12
Name Carl and Harriet's children from oldest to youngest!
Question 5 of 12
The sitcom takes place in what city?
Question 6 of 12
Rachel had a son?
Question 7 of 12
What was Steve Urkles saying?
Question 8 of 12
What was Richies friends name?
Question 9 of 12
Who was Lauras steady boyfriend?
Question 10 of 12
Stefan proposed to Laura at Disney World?
Question 11 of 12
Laura decided to marry Stefan?
Question 12 of 12
Who was Eddie's girlfriend?
Unanswered questions will be maked as wrong
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