Dr Who: Classic series - the First Four Doctors

General knowledge

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Which of the Doctors first offered to share his bag of jelly babies?
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • 2
    The Doctor and the Master were schoolboy friends?
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    In ‘The Carnival of Monsters’ what creatures are NOT seen in the 'Miniscope’?
  • Sea Devils
  • Ogrons
  • Cybermen
  • Drashigs
  • 4
    Which Doctor was famous for his Venusian karate?
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • 5
    What was the relationship of Susan to the Doctor?
  • Niece
  • Sister
  • Pupil
  • Granddaughter
  • 6
    In 'Pyramids of Mars', what was the name of the Egyptian ‘God’ found to be imprisoned on Earth?
  • Horus
  • Sutekh
  • Ra
  • Osiris
  • 7
    What was Sarah Jane Smith's profession?
  • School teacher
  • Photographer
  • Scientist
  • Journalist
  • 8
    Which of these stories was never completed due to industrial action?
  • Shada
  • The Celestial Toy Maker
  • The Ambassadors of Death
  • The Faceless Ones
  • 9
    According to the third Doctor, how many "Wonders of the Universe" are there?
  • 7
  • 42
  • 700
  • 1249
  • 10
    Why did the fourth Doctor and Romana need to find the six segments of the Key to Time?
  • To unlock the time-space continuum
  • To gain entrance to the TARDIS
  • To restore balance and order to the Universe
  • To thwart the Master’s evil plans to conquer the Universe
  • 11
    In ‘The Pirate Planet’ what was the Captain's robot parrot called?
  • Polybot
  • Polyphase Avatron
  • Pretty Polly
  • Robota Adamsa
  • 12
    Which was the first Doctor to meet Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart?
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • 13
    The actor Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan, also appeared as a different character in which story?
  • The Romans
  • The Carnival of Monsters
  • The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  • The Tomb of the Cybermen
  • 14
    According to the fourth Doctor, the dust of which metal is lethal to Cybermen?
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • 15
    Which Doctor was famous for the catchphrase “When I say run, run. Run!”?
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • 16
    In ‘The Seeds Of Death’ an alien fungus causes human fatality due to...
  • Inhalation of poison
  • Oxygen starvation
  • Freezing of the blood vessels
  • Internal haemorrhage
  • 17
    What story revealed the legend of the Loch Ness monster to be true?
  • The Highlanders
  • The Green Death
  • Terror of The Zygons
  • The Sea Devils
  • 18
    In ‘Planet of Giants’, what was the name of the town printed on the giant packet of seeds, which convinces Susan and Ian that they have landed on Earth?
  • Aberdeen
  • Norwich
  • Cork
  • Swansea
  • 19
    In the story ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’, Sarah and the Doctor materialise in central London to find the area all but deserted. Whilst exploring an abandoned building, they are attacked by a prehistoric creature. Was it a …
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Brontosaurus
  • Pterodactyl
  • 20
    Which well known foe of the Doctor is known to have been in perpetual war with the Rutans?
  • The Daleks
  • The Ice Warriors
  • The Sontarans
  • The Autons
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