The Pretty Little Liars Deaths!

Who killed who? How? When? Warning!! If you're not up to Date there will be SPOILERS!!
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In what order did these people die?
  • Marion Cavanaugh
  • Noel Kahn
  • Shana Fring
  • Sara Harvey
  • Archer Dunhill
  • Lyndon James

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Who killed Charlotte Dilaurentis
  • Jessica DiLaurentis
  • Mona Vanderwaal
  • Spencer Hastings
  • Archer Dunhill
  • 3
    How many people has Hanna Marin killed?
  • 0
  • 1. Archer Dunhill
  • 1. Noel Kahn
  • 2. Noel Kahn and Sara Harvey
  • 2. Archer Dunhill and Noel Kahn
  • 3. Sara Harvey, Archer Dunhill and Noel Kahn
  • 4
    How did Yvonne Philips Die?
  • A car crash caused her to have head trauma and she died after waking from a coma
  • She committed suicide after the Hastings won the election
  • Spencer wanted Toby back so she killed her
  • It's a faked death and she is plotting with A.D
  • A.D killed her and it's part of the master plan
  • 5
    Who killed Ian Thomas?
  • A. And then made it seem like a suicide
  • He committed suicide
  • Wren. He wanted Melissa back and was willing to do anything
  • Alison. If she couldn't have Ian, neither could Melissa.
  • 6
    How many deaths have there been altogether in PLL
  • 20. Including the fake deaths
  • 21. Including the fake deaths
  • 23. Including the fake deaths
  • 24. Including the fake deaths
  • 16. Including the fake deaths
  • 7
    How did Maya St Germain die?
  • Shot by A
  • Shot by Lyndon James
  • Crushed windpipe
  • Drowned
  • Overdosed
  • 8
    Melissa, Spencer, Alison, Jason, Charlotte and Hanna are related.
  • True
  • False
  • 9
    Who killed Garrett Reynolds.
  • Jenna. She couldn't be bothered dating him anymore
  • Wilden thought he would he would spill what he had on him
  • A. Because A just had a grudge against everyone
  • Red Coat
  • 10
    From most to least, order the these people by how many people they've killed. (Hint: Intentional and unintentional)
    • Alison DiLaurentis
    • Hanna Marin
    • Aria Montgomery
    • Spencer Hastings
    • Charlotte DiLaurentis (includes as A)
    • Bethany Young
    • Emily Fields

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