Avatar: The Last Airbender - Real Trivia Quiz

Only for the real fans!

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Having read the official artbook is a must ;D
Who was Aang's first choice for Earthbending teacher?
  • Master Yu from the Earthbending academy
  • The boulder! WHOAAAA
  • King Bumi
  • Toph Beifong
  • Jeong Jeong
  • 2
    How does Iroh know he found a friend at the Oasis?
  • Secret bendingstyle
  • Tea
  • Dragon dance
  • Pai Sho
  • Wanted posters
  • 3
    How did monk Gyatso win from Aang in their Pai Sho game?
  • He airbended the chips when Aang wasn't looking
  • He distracted Aang with a whistling sound
  • Fair and square
  • He airbended Aang's robes
  • Launcing a cake in Aang's face
  • 4
    How did Aang defeat the Firelord in his dreams?
  • He defeated him with bending
  • Yelling into a koala sheep
  • He brought pants-chains
  • He punched a tree
  • 5
    Why did Aang get his tattoos?
  • He invented a mini tornado that can launch rocks over a great distance
  • He invented an airbender game of tag
  • He invented the air scooter
  • Because he is the Avatar
  • He invented marble bending
  • 6
    Momo was named after fruit
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is a ...?
  • Armadillo lion cub
  • Buzzard wasp cub
  • Canyon crawler cub
  • Elephant mandrill cub
  • Saber-tooth moose lion cub
  • Nickname for Sokka's Hawk
  • Nickname for Sokka's Girlfriend
  • Nickname for the moon
  • 8
    Where does the first Firenation blimp appear?
  • The day of the black sun
  • The Phoenix Kings' invasion of the Eartkingdom
  • The western air-temple
  • The northern air-temple
  • The southern air-temple
  • The eastern air-temple
  • 9
    Who were the companion animals for Aang in the original sketch that sparked the avatar universe? (artbook question)
  • Appa and Momo
  • Naga and Momo
  • Hawky and Momo
  • 10
    What skill does Jeong Jeong master?
  • Waterbending
  • Swordfighting
  • Firebending
  • Earthbending
  • 11
    What order does Team Avatar visit the air-temples in?
    • Northern air-temple
    • Eastern air-temple
    • Western air-temple
    • Southern air-temple

    Use your mouse to drag and drop the answers above into the correct order

    Who were not allowed to learn waterbending in the northern water tribe?
  • Teenagers
  • Males
  • Children
  • Southerners
  • Females
  • Outsiders
  • 13
    Where do Sokka and Suki reunite for the first time after Kyoshi Island?
  • The Boiling Rock
  • Kyoshi Island
  • Full Moon Bay
  • The Serpents Pass
  • Ba Sing Se
  • Western Airtemple
  • 14
    Why is Sokka's forehead all red?
  • Badger Moles
  • Nomads
  • Bumi's Jokes
  • Toph
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