HIMYM hard quiz

This quiz is with varied type of questions. If you haven't seen the whole series you may not do this quiz since there might me spoilers. It starts of easy and go harder til' the end.
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What is the name of their favorite bar?
  • McGlee
  • O'Donnors
  • MacLaren's
  • Irish hospitality
  • 2
    How did Marshall and Ted meet?
  • They were roommates in college
  • They met through Lily
  • They bumped into eachother in the food line
  • It's still unknown
  • 3
    Barney have always been a player
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    Who met Tracy McConnell (Ted's wife) from first to last?
    • Lilly
    • Ted
    • Marshall
    • Barney

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    What is the Olive theory?
  • A theory on who can eat olives the fastest
  • It doesn't exist
  • If one in the relationship loves olives and the other person hates it, it's a perfect match.
  • In the bar, you can orders free olives if you do a special ritual for Carl.
  • 6
    What did Marshall and Ted name their coffee cooker?
  • elektro
  • Sparkie
  • Shocky
  • Coffee moffie
  • 7
    What was the last trick in The playbook?
  • The final
  • Submarine stunt
  • Envy gossip
  • The Robin
  • Don't play with fire
  • 8
    When Marshall and Lily realized that their apartment leaned, what did Robin do to cheer them up?
  • She payed them to fix it
  • Gave them tons and tons of flowers
  • The made the best out of it and rode a skateboard inside
  • Gave them her apartment
  • 9
    What was the drink that the slutty pumpkin made that Ted will always remember on Halloween?
  • Vodka and rebull
  • Rootbeer and tequila
  • KahlĂșa and rootbeer
  • Coke and lemon vodka
  • 10
    What was the word Robin always said live on the news?
  • Happy day everybody!
  • Welcome back fellas!
  • But umm...
  • But hey...
  • *smacking sound*
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