Hard Harry Potter Quiz!

Are you smart enough to pass your o.w.l's? Find out if you're a true potter head in this quiz! Marked by an unforgiving Ravenclaw.

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What Dragon did Fleur DeLacour get in the Triwizard Tournament?
  • American greengrass
  • Chinese Fireball
  • Dutch dusterball
  • Common Welsh green
  • 2
    In the Triwizard Tournament, what breed of dragon did Cedric Diggory get?
  • Chinese fireball
  • Swedish shortsnout
  • Dutch dusterball
  • Common Welsh green
  • 3
    In the Triwizard tournament, what breed of dragon did Harry Potter get?
  • Swedish shortsnout
  • Italian eagle
  • Hungarian horntail
  • Scottish Raven
  • 4
    In the Triwizard tournament, what breed of dragon did Viktor Krum get?
  • Chinese fireball
  • Scottish raven
  • German Fireball
  • Common Welsh green
  • 5
    In the prologue in deathly hallows, who was said to be snogging?
  • Rose and Scorpius
  • Teddy and Victoire
  • Hannah and Newt
  • 6
    Who killed Tonks?
  • Bellatrix
  • Anotonin
  • Blaise
  • Crabbe
  • 7
    Who killed Remus?
  • Antonin
  • Bellatrix
  • Blaise
  • Goyle
  • 8
    Who was killed for Salazar slitherins locket?
  • Frank
  • Tom riddle Sr.
  • Albanian Peasant
  • Muggle tramp
  • 9
    How many fouls are there in quidditch
  • 700
  • 823
  • 10
  • 440
  • 10
    Put the books in order (the first at the top and the last at the bottom)
    • Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban
    • Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
    • Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix
    • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
    • Harry Potter and the half blood prince
    • Harry Potter and the philosophers stone
    • Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

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