Family guy is the best, ever

This is a semi-hard quiz, for fans that have seen a variety of seasons
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When Peter is answering the fire truck question in trivial pursuit, what word does he say three times when he's thinking
  • Spider-Man
  • Steak
  • Jews
  • Beef
  • Truck
  • Color
  • 2
    When Peter is being pulled up from the cliff on Mount Everest, why is he so heavy
  • He's fat
  • He found a rock he liked
  • He had too much equipment in his backpack
  • He was carrying his pet dragon
  • 3
    What is Stewies song to Joe and Bonnie's baby called?
  • Susie
  • Susie, you're a baby
  • Mary
  • Diapers
  • You are hot
  • Cheerios
  • 4
    What does Peter steal when the world is going to end
  • A falcon
  • A hobo
  • A lion
  • A million dollars
  • crystal meth
  • Cool guy shoes
  • 5
    When Mayor West and Meg are dating, what are they watching on TV in the motel when Meg says brian is going to turn them in to the paper
  • Scooby-Doo
  • The Grinch
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The Brady Bunch
  • Looney Toons
  • 6
    How does Peter end up understanding women when he goes to a camp because of sexual harrasment allegations
  • He just gets women
  • They beat him up
  • He has deep conversations and realizes how cool women are
  • He falls out of a tree and gets his lip stretched up above his head
  • He turns gay
  • They drug him
  • 7
    Why does Peter drive Brian's Prius into the lake
  • He hates Prius's
  • To prank brian
  • He doesn't think it's on, so he steps on the gas to prove it.
  • He accidentally puts a turkey on the gas pedal.
  • He doesn't
  • 8
    When Peter homeschooled Chris and Meg what is his first teaching
  • Math
  • How to calculate thioretical physics... "Ha, just kidding, I heard that from a Chinese guy once"
  • Riding around naked on scooters
  • Training wild mice
  • Pooping off of bridges onto highways
  • Gas
  • Watching paint grow
  • 9
    When Peter makes his own TV channel, how does he get the satellite on the roof?
  • He jumps
  • A ladder
  • A fart propeller
  • Apache chief
  • He makes a human pyramid
  • Steals Joe's wheelchair ramp, and extends it to the roof
  • He goes out the upstairs window
  • 10
    When it rains, what does Stewie do that blows up over Twitter
  • Slicks his hair back
  • Burns people throughout the episode, afterwords adding "Stewie just said that"
  • "Brian, I know you're a dog, but you're a pretty cool cat"
  • Stewie just said that, take it home with you, whenever he talks
  • Simply being on TV
  • 11
    When Peter buys a tank, what is the first thing Meg does when she drives it
  • Blows up clevelands house
  • Runs into clevelands house
  • Shoots a blimp out of the sky that hits clevelands house
  • Runs over Joe
  • Breaks the clam
  • Runs over the national toothpaste museums giant toothpaste
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