Quotes of SG1 quiz

Pick which line comes next... Seasons 1-4

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We will provide you with the initial part of dialogue. You need to complete the quote.
Hammond: You ever think of writing a book about your exploits in the line of duty?
  • Kawalski: It got published last week sir!
  • Sam: Yes sir, but no one would be able to understand it.
  • Jack: I've thought about it. But then I'd have to shoot anyone that actually read it!
  • Jack: That would be against regulations sir.
  • 2
    Teal'c: A Serpent guard, a Hours guard and a Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet. It is a tense moment. The Serpent guard's eyes glow. The Horus guard's beak glistens.
  • Teal'c: The Setesh guard sneezes.
  • Teal'c: The Setesh guard's nose drips.
  • Teal'c: The Setesh guard's nose tingles.
  • Teal'c: The Setesh guard's nose smells.
  • 3
    Teal'c: Appearances may be deceiving. Jack: One man's ceiling is another man's floor. Daniel: A fool's paridise is a wise man's hell.
  • Jack: Never run with sissors?
  • Sam: Let's Macgyver a system.
  • Jack: I want some more pie!
  • Sam: One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.
  • 4
    Teal'c: This does not seem wise O'Niell!
  • Jack: Well, you are not wrong about that!
  • Jack: If Daniel can do it, anyone can!
  • Jack: I said it was easy, not wise!
  • Jack: Don't worry!
  • 5
    Tanith: I must say Colonel, I was intrigued by your means of arrival.
  • O'Neill: yeah, they're all the rage now.
  • O'Neill: why thank you, kind sir!
  • O'Neill: yeah, the limo got old.
  • O'Neill: yeah, it's a sweet ride!
  • 6
    O'Neill: Daniel, how long you figure we ought to hang out here and scratch our cosmic heads? Daniel: well, we can't just give up.
  • O'Neill: yes we can.
  • O'Neill: Are you sure we can't?
  • O'Neill: why not?
  • Teal'c: why not?
  • 7
    Teal'c: Chel Nak
  • Daniel: Direct translation 'yoo hoo'
  • Daniel: Direct translation 'very cool'
  • Daniel: Direct translation 'woah!'
  • Daniel: Indeed
  • 8
    Teal'c: I believe a medical attack could be successful.
  • Jack: Surgical attack Teal'c. It's called a surgical attack.
  • Sam: Undomesticated equines could not keep me away.
  • Dr. Fraser: You're right. We could administer a mild sedative.
  • Hammond: Agreed. SG1, you have a go.
  • 9
    Jack: All right. Basic survival training. We know what we have. What do we need?
  • Sam: We have the control crystal, we just need to redirect the power into the DHD
  • Teal'c: We have the Stargate. We need the Dial Home Device.
  • Hammond: We have 12 hours. We need 24.
  • Daniel: We have the Stargate. We need a way to power it.
  • 10
    Michael: We are even thinking of crossing the border up to Canada. Teal'c: For what reason? Michael: You know, man. The war.
  • Sam: The Vietnam war?
  • Daniel: Right. I understand completely.
  • Teal'c: The war with Canada?
  • Jack: The war with Canada?
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