Just Joan.

Just how well do you know Joan from the series, Girlfriends?

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What line does Joan use to break up with Marcus?
  • It's not you, it's me.
  • I'm moving to Peru.
  • We want different things in life.
  • I need a break.
  • 2
    Joan is upset that Sean, her boyfriend has not yet said "I love you," to her. When does he eventually say it?
  • Over a candle light dinner at 847.
  • The first time they have sex.
  • As he pees in the toilet while Joan is in the bathroom.
  • During a confrontation with Davis.
  • 3
    Joan ends her friendship tentatively, with Toni after...
  • Toni tells Joan's boss that Sean is a sex addict.
  • Toni tries to seduce Sean.
  • Toni brings Charles, Joan's ex to Joan's birthday.
  • Accidentally telling Greg that Toni is engaged to Dr. Clay.
  • 4
    During a drinking game at Joan's 30th birthday, she realizes that her life is unexciting. She decides to try something new. What is it?
  • She gets a haircut.
  • She quits her job at the firm to open a restaurant.
  • She volunteers to fix houses after hurricane Katrina.
  • She goes to a nude beach.
  • 5
    "My boyfriend's back yeah yeah, Brazillian wax." Joan sings this after...
  • Sean called to say he was coming back to California after he and Joan took a break from dating.
  • She tells Chris that they can't date anymore because she was getting back with Sean.
  • Chris comes to visit Joan at the hospital after she unwittingly takes ecstasy at a club.
  • Both A and B.
  • 6
    Joan meets Ellis, an actor at the gym. What was her frustration with him?
  • He wouldn't take a picture with her.
  • He implied that she was overweight.
  • He told her that he only dates white women.
  • He was using her prefered treadmill.
  • 7
    Joan's former college room-mate and ex-friend, Reesie comes to Town for Toni's wedding. Joan learns that...
  • Reesie contracted HIV from her husband.
  • Reesie's children's godparents are Toni and Lynn.
  • Reesie's husband now lives with his parents.
  • All of the above.
  • 8
    Joan realizes that she's falling for Brock who is an acquaintance of Ellis. How do Brock and Ellis know each other?
  • Brock is Ellis' agent.
  • Brock and Ellis went to the same college.
  • Brock and Ellis were in a movie together.
  • Brock and Ellis go to the same gym.
  • 9
    When William goes home to be with his mother who has just had an operation, he clashes with his father. Joan suggests that he listens to what song?
  • I am not my hair by India Arie.
  • We fall down by Donnie McClurkin.
  • Perfect by Simple Plan
  • Parents just don't understand by Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff.
  • 10
    What breaks Joan and Toni's friendship finally.
  • Joan misses Toni and Todd's custody hearing.
  • Joan begins neglecting Toni when she becomes an "It girl."
  • Joan has an affair with Todd.
  • Joan thinks Toni is jealous of Joan's new found fame.
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