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How well do you know The Nanny??
CREATED BYIsabel Carri

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When are Sylvia and C.C in a helicopter?
  • On their way to California to meet up with Max and Fran
  • Looking for Max and Fran when they're missing after wedding
  • For fun
  • Maxwell gifted it to them
  • 2
    In the episode, The Producers, why is Niles trying to produce a play with Fran's help?
  • To earn more money
  • Because he's bored
  • To impress C.C
  • To prove to Maxwell that he's more than just a butler
  • 3
    When Fran chaperones Maggie on a date, what is it that the couple next to them calls her?
  • Leftover
  • Hooker
  • Nuchschlep
  • Third wheel
  • 4
    In Episode 6 of season 1, Jack and Martia visit (Fran's cousin and father). Maxwell and the children are gone. Why do they come home from the museum?
  • Bomb threat
  • Raining
  • Too much traffic
  • Limo was out of gas
  • 5
    Why does Fran become a shopaholic?
  • She gets engaged and wants to celebrate
  • She gets fired and is bored
  • She gets a bonus in her paycheck
  • Danny Imperiale gets engaged
  • 6
    You never see Morty throughout the whole show.
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    Fran and Val nearly separate when...
  • One steals the other's boyfriend
  • Their adopted daughter comes around
  • Fran calls Val dumb
  • Val calls Fran old and fat
  • 8
    In Season 5, Maxwell's father dies. His illegitimate daughter comes forward to claim the Sheffield family fortune -- what was her name?
  • Immaculacion
  • Hopcepcion
  • Incepcion
  • Concepcion
  • 9
    All of the following are Episode names from The Nanny EXCEPT...
  • The Best Man
  • The Whine Cellar
  • Chester the Lefter
  • Yetta's Lettas
  • 10
    Why is Fran called "Material Fran" in season 2?
  • They think she's made of material
  • Val lets Fran date her grandpa
  • She dates an elderly gentleman
  • No one ever dates her for long
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