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tough m a s h questions

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What was radar`s dog name back in Iowa?
  • fluffy
  • bandit
  • ranger
  • rusty
  • 2
    On the episode with 5 o`clock charlie who won the betting pool for how close he would be from hitting the ammo dump?
  • henry blake
  • trapper john
  • father mulcahy
  • hot lips
  • 3
    What city and state did Colonel Blake hail from ?
  • Hannibal, Missouri
  • Omaha , Nebraska
  • Bloomington, Illinois
  • Ottumwa, Iowa
  • 4
    In the episode " Deal Me Out " Ed Winter appeared for the first time as who ?
  • Major Riceman
  • Captain Halloran
  • Colonel Flagg
  • Major Morris
  • 5
    Colonel Potter`s son was named William ?
  • True
  • False
  • 6
    What was Klinger's final wish when he dies?
  • To be cremated and ashes spread on Toledo Mudhens field.
  • To be buried in his mother`s wedding gown.
  • To be buried in his Uncle`s dress.
  • To have his nose donated to science.
  • 7
    What item did radar swap out to get an incubator for the 4077th?
  • auto clave
  • 100 year old oak desk
  • a bottle of cognac
  • a barbeque grill
  • 8
    What famous hard core comedian played a bit part on mash?
  • sam kinison
  • richard pryor
  • george carlin
  • andrew dice clay
  • 9
    Radar`s dad had a stroke at age 63 what caused it?
  • smoking cornsilk
  • milking a cow
  • playing peek -a- boo
  • pitching hay
  • 10
    Why did hawkeye punch frank burns for?
  • because frank called him quack?
  • frank owed him money?
  • frank hit him with a towel?
  • frank squirted him with saline?
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