TWD S1 Ep2

Guess the correct answers.
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While Lori was in the woods alone, she heard noises. Who was there?
  • Shane
  • Carl
  • Rick
  • Dale
  • 2
    When Rick and Glenn finally met up, what do we hear Glenn calling the walkers?
  • Nerds
  • Losers
  • Dead ones
  • Geeks
  • 3
    Andrea was nice to Rick when they made it back to Glenn's group.
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    Who was shooting walkers from the rooftop?
  • Merle
  • T-dog
  • Andrea
  • Glenn
  • 5
    Who started fighting on the roof?
  • Rick and T-dog
  • Merle and T-dog
  • Glenn and Rick
  • Merle and Glenn
  • 6
    Rick handcuffed Merle to something on the roof.
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    After everyone went back down, T-dog stayed on the roof to get signal. What did Merle ask t-dog to do?
  • Get him out of the cuffs
  • Give him the walkie talkie
  • Kill him
  • Block the sun for him
  • 8
    What did Andrea take from the store for her sister?
  • Fairy bracelet
  • Heart bracelet
  • Mermaid necklace
  • Dragon necklace
  • 9
    What does Rick and Glenn do so that they can get across the walkers without getting bit?
  • They rode bikes
  • They ran through the walkers while shooting them
  • They drove a bus
  • They rubbed a walkers guts all over them
  • 10
    What happened while Rick and Glenn were trying to get through the walkers?
  • It started raining
  • They got bit
  • They found another group
  • The gut smell didn't work
  • 11
    What happened after the rain washed off the smell?
  • Glenn freaked out and left Rick
  • The walkers started chasing them
  • Rick freaked out and left Glenn
  • They hid inside a van
  • 12
    When Rick went back with the truck to get the rest of the group, did T-dog help Merle out of the cuffs?
  • Yes, and Merle cuffed him after
  • No, Merle got left behind
  • He tried, but he dropped the key
  • Yes, Merle left with the group
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