America's Favorite Radio Station: WKRP-Season 1

Sure, you know Dr. Johnny Fever and Les Nessman. But do you know these minor characters and details that appeared or were only mentioned once (or twice) on the show's first season?
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Some of these are tough!! You gotta be a WKRP Karp to get them all! (All from the First Season)
What character does actress Sylvia Sidney play in the "The Pilot" episode?
  • Carmen Carlson
  • Mama Carlson
  • One of WKRP's disgruntled senior listeners
  • Andy's sister
  • 2
    Who leads the group of WKRP's former disgruntled listeners to demand the return to the previous format?
  • Mr. Warren E. Cook
  • Mr. Wayne R. Cole
  • Mr. Wayne R. Coe
  • Mr. Dwayne F. Colt
  • 3
    When Les decides to go out on the ledge of the building to end it all, who calls him on the phone?
  • A news reporter
  • A baseball player
  • A hog farmer
  • His mother
  • 4
    What actual rock band provides the music for the fictional "hoodlum" rock band Scum of the Earth?
  • Heatwave
  • Pyramid
  • Firestarter
  • Detective
  • 5
    Who is WKRP's station engineer, first appearing during a stereo store hold up?
  • Billy Dornsy
  • Bucky Dornster
  • Bobby Dornser
  • Bucky Dorsner
  • 6
    Whose stereo store is held up during Johnny Fever's live on-site broadcast?
  • Del Murdoch's
  • Del Mertock's
  • Del Murdeck's
  • Del Mertick's
  • 7
    For Bailey's first show, she interviews a lady who claims to have met and lived with aliens from another planet. What's the lady's name?
  • Mrs. Woodbridge
  • Mrs. Woodward
  • Mrs. Woodroffe
  • Mrs. Woodcliff
  • 8
    Who is the first guest on Bailey's show?
  • Dr. Herman Munro
  • Dr. Hyman Malone
  • Dr. Herman Marlowe
  • Dr. Hyman Monroe
  • 9
    Where does the infamous Thanksgiving Day Great Turkey Giveaway occur?
  • The Pinecrest Shopping Mall
  • The Pineridge Shopping Mall
  • The Pinedale Shopping Mall
  • The Pinewood Shopping Mall
  • 10
    What country singer from Andy's past returns to ask him to be her manager?
  • Laura Taylor
  • Linda Taylor
  • Linda Tyler
  • Laura Traynor
  • 11
    When Les wins the coveted Silver Sow Award, he briefly considers asking his neighbor to accompany him to the prize banquet. What's her name?
  • Mrs. Bromheiser
  • Mrs. Rombauer
  • Mrs. Rochester
  • Mrs. Reichter
  • 12
    What is the name of the first contestant In "The Contest Nobody Could Win"?
  • Mrs. Keyser
  • Mrs. Kepowski
  • Mrs. Klondike
  • Mrs. Klepner
  • 13
    And the name of the second contestant?
  • Mr. Don Pensecola
  • Mr. Don Pesola
  • Mr. Don Pascal
  • Mr. Don Perez
  • 14
    Here's a 3 part question about the "Tornado" episode: 1. What is the name of the Spanish-speaking interpreter who shows up with the group of Japanese Radio Broadcasting executives?
  • Mr. Cesar Manuel Enriquez
  • Mr. Miguel Geraldo Gonzales
  • Mr. Julio Eduardo Hernandez
  • Mr. Jose Jorge Rodriguez
  • 15
    2. Who was supposed to interpret for the Japanese visitors?
  • Akiro Yamaguchi
  • Kinji Fukasaku
  • Hiroshi Inagaki
  • Takashi Shimizu
  • 16
    3. Finally, with whom was the Spanish-speaking interpreter supposed to be?
  • A group of doctors from Mexico
  • A group of chiropractors from Ecuador
  • A group of lawyers from Honduras
  • A group of dentists from Spain
  • 17
    At what restaurant does the staff gather to hold a goodbye party for Johnny, in reality trying to trick him into staying?
  • Cinnci's
  • The Queen City Bar
  • Snooky's
  • Cricket
  • 18
    What's the name of the rep from the record company that tries to heavily promote its records on WKRP with a new morning DJ?
  • Murray Baxter
  • Murray Dexter
  • Murray Gressler
  • Murray Thatcher
  • 19
    Who first auditions for the morning DJ position after Johnny leaves?
  • Monly Noble
  • Mason Nobleman
  • Mason Noble
  • Mickey Noble
  • 20
    Who is hired as the new morning DJ after Johnny leaves?
  • Doug Winters
  • Dave Winner
  • Doug Winners
  • Doug Winner
  • 21
    What are the names of the 2 representatives from Family and Children's Services who come to take Johnny's baby?
  • Elaine and Chris
  • Lorraine and Rick
  • Chip and Lorraine
  • Bob and Eileen
  • 22
    At one point, Herb scores a funeral home account and a tire sales account. What are the names of the respective business owners?
  • Ferryman and Morris
  • Ferguson and Morrison
  • Morganson and Ferryman
  • Ferryman and Morrison
  • 23
    What is the name of the military officer who interviews Venus Flytrap regarding his desertion of the United States Army?
  • General Edward Morton
  • Major Edmund Hunter
  • General Robert Morgan
  • Colonel Gerald Norris
  • 24
    What friend from Jennifer's past appears at the station to ask her for a favor?
  • T.J. McCoy
  • T.J. Hooker
  • T.J. Wilson
  • T.J. Watson
  • 25
    Last one! Preacher "Little" Ed and the Church of the Mighty Struggle became an issue for WKRP when listeners complained of his "services." What's "Little" Ed's last name?
  • Pemberton
  • Pembrook
  • Penwood
  • Pembrant
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