Quiz on The Maze Runner

These questions are based on the story and characters of the movie version of the Maze Runner.

To answer some of these questions, you may have needed to see the movie several times.
In the opening scene of the movie what is Thomas seen in ?
  • Elevator
  • Car
  • Train
  • Helicopter
  • 2
    After Thomas arrives in the maze, who is the first person he has a conversation with ?
  • Minho
  • Chuck
  • Frypan
  • Alby
  • 3
    What name is given to the part of the maze where the boys live and where runners return to at night ?
  • Valley
  • Glade
  • Forest
  • Park
  • 4
    Prior to Thomas remembering his name, by what name do the others refer to him ?
  • Newbie
  • Freshman
  • Greenie
  • Amateur
  • 5
    The guys who map the maze are known as runners, and Minho as the leader is known as the ... ?
  • King of the Runners
  • Keeper of the Runners
  • Prince of the Runners
  • Captain of the Runners
  • 6
    On Thomas' first day in the maze, Alby explains that they have only three rules to follow, what was the first rule ?
  • Never leave the maze
  • Never enter the forest
  • Don't cause trouble
  • Do your part
  • 7
    The layout of the maze changes frequently, but how frequently ?
  • Every hour
  • Every six hours
  • Every night
  • Every week
  • 8
    What name is given to the monsters which inhabit the maze at night ?
  • Scorpions
  • Grievers
  • Bladers
  • Vipers
  • 9
    On Thomas' first day working on the crops, what job was he doing ?
  • Picking fruit
  • Digging soil
  • Fetching fertilizer
  • Watering crops
  • 10
    While in the forest, Thomas is attacked by the runner Ben, who appears to remember things about Thomas. The other guys realize Ben is infected and they banish him into the maze when it next closes. What name do the guys have for the infection ?
  • The Changing
  • The Darkling
  • The Fever
  • The Calling
  • 11
    When Thomas carved his name into the wall of the maze, he carved it above whose name ?
  • Alby
  • Chuck
  • Ben
  • Gally
  • 12
    How often does a new arrival usually come up on the elevator ?
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Every 3 months
  • 13
    When Teresa arrived, she had a note with her, what did it say ?
  • She's the last one ever
  • She's the winner
  • She's the first of many
  • She's the sacrafice
  • 14
    When Thomas first enters the maze to help Minho and Alby, he ends up killing one of the monsters. A device is retrieved from it's remains, what letters where marked on the device which matched with the letters on the weekly rations the guys receive ?
  • T|R|M|N
  • W|I|C|K
  • R|A|T|N
  • W|C|K|D
  • 15
    After Gally protests that Thomas had entered the maze as a non-runner, Newt who is now the leader, agrees to punish Thomas, what punishment does he hand down ?
  • No food for three days
  • One night in the pit with no food
  • A week in the pit
  • Washing all the dishes for a week
  • 16
    Newt also makes Thomas a runner and so Minho lets him in on some of their secrets, he shows Thomas plans of the maze which the runners have mapped out, how many sections does the maze have ?
  • Six
  • Eight
  • Ten
  • Eleven
  • 17
    When Minho and Thomas next enter the maze, they use the device they took from the monster, it leads them to an area of the maze which runners had never visited. Lights on the device change color before large doors open, what color did they change to ?
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • 18
    Thomas believes they have found the way out and several of the guys along with Theresa agree to follow him. They arrive at a door which requires a code, while fighting off several monsters Theresa enters the code given to her by Minho, what was the code ?
  • 71526483
  • 96524138
  • 46523187
  • 81234756
  • 19
    After going through the coded door, they enter a hallway and encounter another door, what sign was above the door ?
  • Loading
  • Main frame
  • Management
  • Exit
  • 20
    They discover a room with several dead scientists on the floor, Thomas presses a button and a video begins to play which explains what has happened to the world, what is the name of the scientist in the video ?
  • Ava Paige
  • Jean Torres
  • Alison Daly
  • Sue Lobe
  • 21
    The scientist in the video is shown to kill herself after giving a brief explainition of why the maze was created. He last words were, "Remember ....."
  • "... you're all special"
  • "... all is not lost"
  • "... wicked is good"
  • "... you are the key"
  • 22
    What name did the scientist place on the catastrophic event which had devastated life on the planet ?
  • The Flare
  • The Torch
  • The Fire
  • The Scorch
  • 23
    Who is the last of the guys to be seen dying in the movie ?
  • Gally
  • Chuck
  • Teresa
  • Alby
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