Co-workers of Friends

Trivia about the co-workers of the six Friends
CREATED BYfelifoll

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Who is Isaac's sister, who also works with Phoebe?
  • Jasmine
  • Jennifer
  • Emily
  • Ginger
  • 2
    Which co-worker of Rachel's flirts with Tag?
  • Heather
  • Sophie
  • Melissa
  • Joanna
  • 3
    Who is the waiter that gave Monica a hooker's number to hire for Chandler?
  • Bill
  • Fred
  • Danny
  • Stu
  • 4
    What is the name of the man who created and operates the robot in Mac'n'Cheese?
  • Graham
  • Tony
  • Wayne
  • Buddy
  • 5
    Why do Chandler's co-workers not invite him to a party?
  • Because he drinks too much
  • Because he is too loud
  • Because they don't like him
  • Because they are afraid of him
  • 6
    Why was Ross forced to take a leave of absence from his job at the museum?
  • He yelled at his boss
  • He hit on a co-worker
  • He stole a fossil
  • He trashed a display
  • 7
    Who does Joey refuse to audition for on Days of Our Lives?
  • Bill
  • George
  • Terry
  • Chris
  • 8
    Who is Monica's Sous Chef who dates Phoebe?
  • Chip
  • Carl
  • Steve
  • Tim
  • 9
    On Rachel's first day at Ralph Lauren, who does Kim go out to smoke with?
  • Karen
  • Nancy
  • Melanie
  • Crystal
  • 10
    When Joey works at the museum with Ross, who stands up and tells everyone that her breast are real?
  • Emily
  • Monica
  • Susan
  • Rhonda
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