Maleficent Quiz, 1

This quiz on the movie Maleficent comes in three parts, this is part 1.

The 12 questions in this quiz cover the first third of the movie up until the battle against the first human king.
At the beginning of the movie, where was Maleficent the fairy first seen ?
  • In a cave
  • In a tree
  • On a toad stool
  • By a pond
  • 2
    What is the name of the King who rules the human kingdom at the beginning of the movie ?
  • Henry
  • Donald
  • Duncan
  • James
  • 3
    What does Maleficent have on the top of her wings ?
  • Jewels
  • Hair
  • Horns
  • Eyes
  • 4
    Complete the first line spoken by a young Maleficent as she flies around the kingdom, "Good morning, Mr. Shantuwell. I love your ____"
  • Cap
  • Coat
  • Shoes
  • Walking Stick
  • 5
    When Maleficent meets the three pixies, which one tells her the news that the border guards have found a human thief ?
  • Knotgrass (Red)
  • Thistlewit (Green)
  • Flittle (Blue)
  • 6
    What did the pixies say that the boy had tried to steal ?
  • Gold
  • A fairy
  • A mushroom
  • Jewel
  • 7
    When the boy (Stefan) claims that the guards are ugly, Maleficent turns to one of them and says "Don't listen to him _____. You're classically handsome", what was the guards name ?
  • Burnickie
  • Thor
  • Balthazar
  • Goliath
  • 8
    As Maleficent leads Stefan back to the border between their worlds, they shake hands and Maleficent is burned by a ring which Stefan is wearing. What was the ring made of ?
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • 9
    As the narrator tells of how the friendship between Stefan and Maleficent grew, Stefan is seen giving Maleficent a gift of Jewelry, what was it ?
  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Earings
  • 10
    As their friendship turns into a romance, What was Stefan said to have given Maleficent on her 16th birthday ?
  • His heart
  • An engagement ring
  • True love's kiss
  • A promise ring
  • 11
    After that the two seemed to drift their separate ways, with Maleficent becoming the protector of the ____ ?
  • Forest
  • Valley
  • Prairie
  • Moors
  • 12
    When the king first attempts to attack and comes up against Maleficent, what does he order his men to bring him ?
  • Her head
  • Her wings
  • Her horns
  • Her body
  • 13
    During the attack Maleficent summons up an army of various creatures, what do all of the creatures resemble ?
  • Robots
  • Trees
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong