Big Bang Season 8 Opener

The answers to these questions all come from the first episode of season 8, when Sheldon returns from his trip, riding the rails.

How many days had Sheldon been riding the rails and visiting train stations across the US?
  • 25
  • 30
  • 45
  • 50
  • 2
    In the first scene, Sheldon approaches a woman who is knitting, but what item of clothing did he ask if she was knitting?
  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Pants
  • Jumper
  • 3
    What did Sheldon claim was the reason Amy wanted to move in with him ?
  • Share rent
  • Get married
  • Be close to Penny
  • To see his bathing suit parts
  • 4
    When Sheldon was robbed, what US state was he in ?
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • 5
    At the police station, when Sheldon called Leonard, what nickname did he say one of the officers had given him ?
  • Chicken Legs
  • Smelly Shelly
  • Train Boy
  • Cooper No-Pants
  • 6
    What work was Rajesh having done to his car, when he said it was in the shop ?
  • Heated seats added
  • Windows untinted
  • Painted pink
  • His check engine light was on
  • 7
    When Rajesh mentioned to Howard that Stuart may be replacing him, Howard rejected it because he was his mothers little ____ ?
  • Angel
  • Boo Boo
  • Matzah ball
  • Scientist
  • 8
    What was the name of the officer who's desk Sheldon was sitting at in the police station ?
  • Hernandez
  • Garcia
  • Rodriguez
  • Lopez
  • 9
    When Penny was on her job interview, what did she have in common with Dan the interviewer ?
  • Both afraid of Bernadette
  • Both failed actors
  • Both do yoga
  • Both engaged to someone named Leonard
  • 10
    When Leonard and Amy arrive to pick up Sheldon, what does Sheldon whisper in Amy's ear ?
  • Shotgun
  • I missed you
  • I love you
  • You look different
  • 11
    In the car journey home, what did Sheldon say was the reason he didn't call Amy to collect him ?
  • He met someone else
  • He dislikes her driving
  • He wanted to surprise her at home
  • He couldn't make it on his own
  • 12
    When Sheldon finally arrived home claiming he was ready to embrace the future, what change caused him to flee the apartment ?
  • Penny's short hair
  • The dining table was back
  • The couch had moved
  • Howard was sitting in his spot
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