Roseanne Experts Only

Know the Connors like you're one of the fam?
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What is the name of Roseanne's favorite perfume?
  • Pursuasion
  • Obsession
  • Submission
  • Subscription
  • 2
    The Connors never had a pet.
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    Becky sneaks out of the house to meet a guy called.....
  • Johnny Danger
  • The Cold Sore King
  • Mr. Dreamy
  • The Tongue Bandit
  • 4
    Why does Roseanne have to meet with Darlene's teacher?
  • Darlene has been barking in class
  • Darlene hasn't turned in homework in 2 weeks
  • She was caught with inappropriate literature
  • She got in a fight with a classmate
  • Darlene sleeps in class and snores too loud
  • 5
    In season 1, where do Dan and Roseanne go on date night?
  • Jimmy's Laughing Steer
  • The Landford Inn
  • The Lobo Lounge
  • The No-tell Motel
  • 6
    What does DJ think of Dan's famous chili?
  • The best chili ever!
  • Eh, so-so
  • A little bit bland
  • Deeeeelicious
  • 7
    What could Dan win in the song writing contest?
  • $100
  • A dinner for two at the Landford Inn
  • Tickets to the tractor pull
  • All of the above
  • 8
    Where was Fred when Jackie told him she was pregnant?
  • At work
  • Eating a loose meat sandwhich
  • At Jackie's, fixing her sink
  • The bathroom
  • On their second date
  • 9
    What did Crystal give Dan for his birthday?
  • A hand-knit scarf
  • A bell for his boat
  • A cupcake with a file in it
  • A box of cigars
  • 10
    What do the kids dress as in the episode, "Boo!"?
  • A pirate, a zombie, and bloody prom queen
  • A ninja, a mad scientist, and a witch
  • A flight attendant, a ninja, and an ambush victim
  • The three stooges
  • An ambush victim, the Alphalfanator, a pirate
  • 11
    Rosanne's alias while dressed as a lumberjack was....
  • Bob
  • Jack
  • Frank
  • Dwayn
  • Sonny
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