Air Supply Lyrics and Songs

Match the lyrics with the correct '90s and 2000s Air Supply songs
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Guided by the stars and a vision they had seen
  • Heart Of The Rose
  • Faith In Love
  • Across The Concrete Sky
  • 2
    Lead your childen to the Promised Land
  • Sanctuary
  • Desert Sea Sky
  • Faith
  • 3
    Feel the power in your dreams
  • Hold On
  • Miracles
  • Faith
  • 4
    And your wounded heart will moan. It will sink just like a stone to the brink of the unkown
  • Faith In Love
  • Bread And Blood
  • Only One Forever
  • 5
    This is where I long to stay
  • Spirit Of Love
  • Sanctuary
  • Until
  • 6
    So give life to your dreams
  • News From Nowhere
  • Setting The Seen
  • Love Conquers Time
  • 7
    Don't wait for yesterday
  • Hard To Forget Her
  • The Book Of Love
  • Hold On
  • 8
    When you awake, your heart will make some room for everyone ?
  • The Book Of Love
  • So Much Love
  • Just Between The Lines
  • 9
    I'll help you to see the light in the dark, the sun through the rain
  • You Are The Reason
  • Daybreak
  • When I Say ?
  • 10
    I always believed this day had to come
  • So Much Love
  • Stronger Than The Night
  • Speaking Of Love
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