Recess ... Feelin Lucky?

This is a fun quiz about the Disney show, Recess

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There will be questions from "Recess: Schools Out" as well as the regular series
Name the sport that Vince chose to lose at to Lawson
  • Baseball
  • P I G
  • the Soccer Cup
  • Four Square
  • 2
    In Recess: School's Out T. J. Is reading from his sister's diary, "The sweat from the deep fat fryer glistens off of his... ______ " what? Fill in the blank.
  • Arm hair
  • Floppy burger hat
  • Moustache
  • Glasses
  • 3
    The worst has happened. Spinelli must be babysat by Finster. The car ride doesn't get things off to a good start. What song is Finster listening to after Spinelli asks for some tunes?
  • I want to hold your hand
  • Oh we're the men, from over there!
  • The Bonkey song
  • The ukelaili music that finster remembers
  • 4
    In the episode "The C-Note" the gang found a C-Note and imagined what they would do with their share of the money. How did each of their fantasies end, ie- what did they have in common?
  • They kept getting richer
  • They all were doing better than Randal
  • TJ was president
  • They all flew in a jet pack
  • 5
    In the opening scene of the episode we see the scene in black and white and the kid running through the halls, the stomping of Gelman in the background- What object did the kid need that kept him creeping around the hallways?
  • A lunch box
  • His lucky pencil case
  • The baseball bat
  • He was lost in the hallways - nothing to find
  • 6
    TJ is returns back to school after being sick. What new currency is in place at school
  • Lira
  • Ajimbo
  • Monstickers
  • Pogs
  • 7
    When Randal found the joke book Mikey was Ok with everything until Randal started telling jokes about how dumb mikey was.
  • True
  • False
  • 8
    Mikey's music teacher was
  • Mrs Groetky
  • Mrs Salmon
  • Mrs Salimone
  • Mrs Sal
  • 9
    In the episode- Prickly is leaving- Slicer is the new principal. He gives TJ 2 hats to wear. What were the names of these two hats?
  • Captain Sappy & Funny Boy
  • Prankster & Know it all
  • Miscreant & Funny Boy
  • Captain Sappy & Scar Giver
  • 10
    TJ has two instances on his record where his disobedience call in a government offical What is this government offical's name?
  • Mr E
  • Slicer
  • Mr White
  • Mr Clean
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