Super hard Lotr quiz (for pros only)

To hard for your average Lotr fan im talking Superfans people who have loved nothing else for 20 years God Dangit
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Who is Eru?
  • Saruman's master.
  • The first king of Harad
  • The dark marshal (second in command of the Nazgul)
  • The most powerful god of middle earth
  • 2
    What race are the istari wizards
  • Maiar sent to guide middle earth
  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Therai spirits
  • 3
    Who was Aragorns Grand father
  • Arador
  • Argathorth
  • Elidrid
  • Aranorth
  • 4
    What planet is middle earth on?
  • It is it's own planet
  • Erugo
  • Mirgesref
  • Ea
  • Planet earth in a different time
  • 5
    Where was Durin the Deathless set to slumber?
  • Mount doom
  • Erebor
  • Mt. Gundabad
  • Moria
  • 6
    Who is Melkor?
  • Sauron In disguise
  • Sauron's brother
  • Saurons Master
  • Sauron's pet Dragon
  • 7
    Who is Morgoth.
  • The first dark lord
  • The 3rd Dark lord from Tolkien's unfinished book "The new Shadow"
  • Sauron's Father
  • 8
    What are black Numenoreans?
  • Evil daemons from the land of thegelian who came to numenor it find fresh souls
  • Saurons personal body guard
  • Men who worship Sauron
  • 9
    Sauron helped over throw the first dark lord but turned to evil
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    Is the lord of the rings The best book ever
  • Yes
  • No
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