you think you know all about the Cheetah's

the quiz is about Cheetah Girls One World
CREATED BYgrowlpower

how many times does joaquin call dorinda in the entire movie
  • 5
  • 7
  • 3
  • 10
  • 6
  • 2
    What does Dorinda make the girls promise not to talk about
  • Galleria
  • Splitting Up
  • School
  • Boys
  • 3
    Who helped Vik get the palace for his movie
  • Kevin 347
  • Rahim
  • Gita
  • Amar
  • Chanel
  • 4
    Where did Amar tell the guys to come and celebrate Holi with him
  • New Delhi
  • Rajasthan
  • Pune
  • Kolkata
  • Nagpur
  • 5
    What did Dorinda wanted to do instead of the movie
  • She wanted to meet Galleria
  • She wanted to focus on her singing career
  • She wanted to go to the beach
  • She wanted to teach a dance camp
  • 6
    Where did Aqua meet Kevin347
  • At the mall
  • In her hotel
  • At his work
  • On the movie set
  • On a path by the ice cream shop
  • 7
    Why didnt the girls get the gig at the beginning of the movie
  • because they werent prepared
  • because they didnt sing the right song
  • because the producer already had someone
  • because the producer wanted the four of them
  • 8
    What did Vik make his movie about
  • someone dying
  • true love
  • an indian girl in america
  • a family in danger
  • 9
    Why did Chanel turn down the movie role
  • Because she didnt like the clothes
  • Because it was too far away
  • Because she was sick of singing
  • Because she didnt want to do it without her friends
  • 10
    what color sari was the girls wearing at the end
  • Dorinda-blue,Aqua-pink,Chanel-yellow
  • Aqua-purple,Chanel-red,Dorinda-green
  • Chanel-green,Dorinda-pink,Aqua-purple
  • Dorinda-purple,Aqua-green,Chanel-pink
  • 11
    Why was Gita chosen as the movie lead
  • Because she was the only one there
  • Because Vik's uncle said to choose her
  • Because she was in charge of coosing the lead
  • Because Rahim liked her
  • Because the girls saw that she and Rahim were meant to be the leads
  • Because she was the director
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong